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What Does It Mean to Create Space in Your Soul?

When I talk about creating space in your soul, I mean clearing out anything that’s preventing you from being fully present in your life. Because when you’re not present you miss out on things, like moments of true connection with loved ones.

4 Ways to Create Space Inside of You

#1 Banish NegativityStart being mindful about what precedes feelings of negativity or negative thought patterns.

#2 Forgive SomeoneForgiving or being forgiven will release a burden you’re dragging along from your past. It will create space for something that brings joy and happiness and opportunities to live in the moment instead. 

#3 Remove Stresses – Start by doing a little physical decluttering, and rid your space of things that no longer serve you — or never did in the first place. 

#4 Let Go of Guilt – Why do we overextend ourselves, chasing a superwoman status that we know is impossible to achieve, let alone maintain?

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Create space in your soul now to make room for the good stuff… like connection, laughter, joy, and pleasure.


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