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The Wabi-Sabi Path To Greater Happiness

A gift for loving your imperfections

We know that life can be messy, always changing and rarely perfect. And that’s okay. We can embrace imperfection, finding beauty and authenticity in it. Thus, we acknowledge the perfection of imperfection. In Japan, this idea is known as wabi-sabi. 

Wabi-sabi is the practice of coaxing beauty out of unexpected places, from a broken vase and teacup to upended plans and unexpected setbacks. An ancient philosophy rooted in Zen Buddhism, wabi-sabi is sometimes described as appreciating beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” in nature.

Wabi-sabi is a practice easily applied in everyday life. This checklist is a gift that:

  • Invites a celebration of your imperfections as potential strengths (not weaknesses).
  • Inspires you to live in the present moment.
  • Encourages you to recognize and treasure the gifts you have.
  • Brings a sense of calm, presence and beauty into your life.
  • Helps you find happiness right where you are and joy in everything you do.

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If you truly want to be happy, try striving for excellence –

not perfection.


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