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My Vision:

For all women to master the magic of life!

My Mission:

For you to live an extraordinary life…

  • Fueling your internal fire, so you have more energy and power
  • Aligning with the highest and most authentic version of yourself
  • Connecting with your purpose
  • Fully embracing self-love 
  • Nourishing your body
  • Igniting your passion
  • Experiencing success

And do all this with the greatest amount of ease and flow!

Meet Dr. Whitney

Dr. Whitney Gordon-Mead sold her thriving financial planning business to found Intuit Wisdom, so she could help successful, high-achieving women enjoy their success without sacrificing their health, wellbeing, relationships, and dreams.

As an international speaker, Certified Master Trainer, Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach, Spiritual Counselor, and Ordained Minister, Dr. Whitney coaches powerful professional women, business owners, and executives worldwide to experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Amidst her three+ decades of research and experience, leading up to her doctoral degree in metaphysics, Dr. Whitney was able to heal from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, post-traumatic stress disorder, and burnout. As a result, she designed a system for accelerated wellbeing that is rooted in metaphysics. 

International Speaker Dr. Whitney Gordon-Mead

Dr. Whitney now uses this proven system to empower each client to align with her essential authentic self, master her own wellbeing, and experience greater freedom and fulfillment in all areas of life. From relationships, work, and finances to family, health, and quality of life – there are no limits! What’s unimportant falls away. Magic happens, synchronicity.   

Whether acting as a coach or spiritual counselor, Dr. Whitney is compassionate, curious, supportive, inspiring, passionate, energizing, and authentic. She empowers each client to discover her unlimited potential, to enhance her clarity and vision, to take extraordinary actions, to experience greater personal and professional growth and fulfillment, to develop exceptional inner strength, and to live her life with flow and ease.

Dr. Whitney lives in South Florida with her husband, Dean (the love of her life), and her cat, Whimsy. She loves the outdoors, the beach, boating, hiking, enjoying concerts and musicals, traveling, reading, writing, and investing.

Dr. Whitney’s dream is a world where every woman says “YES!” to herself. She believes that life is not meant to be endured; it is meant to be enjoyed! 

Whitney helped me recognize and reframe the distorted beliefs that held me back.

30 years in the stress of corporate environments crept up on me and I was living in an unhealthy normal without even knowing it. 60 hour work weeks, 4-5 hours of sleep a night, and unrealistic expectations of being able to do it all gave me a perfect Facebook life and a hollow, grumpy inner life.

With the help of Whitney’s coaching and tools, I have finally given myself permission to have a healthy self-care practice which gives me the energy and spirit required to follow my professional passion.

Whitney first helped me recognize and then reframe the distorted beliefs that held me back and then worked with me to try new approaches and develop new habits. What I really appreciated was working on one area at a time and not trying to do it all at once. This allowed me to create long lasting habits instead of quick, unsustainable fixes.

Whitney gets it – she took time to understand my challenges and to bring her wealth of knowledge and resources to develop a custom plan for long term success. I am forever grateful that Whitney turned her experience with burnout into a gift to share with others, like me.

Joyce Aiko Ibardolasa

CEO, Ai Inclusion

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