From Burnout To Balance

Are you struggling with:

I hear you. I’ve been there, too, and know the pain of the “Burnout Cycle.” If you’re anything like I was, you might be a walking zombie: moving through life exhausted, numb and depleted.

The good news? There is a WAY OUT of the Burnout Cycle. How? It starts by you taking care of yourself.

Say what? I know. Prioritizing yourself in your day-to day activities may seem impossible right now. Yet I’m here to tell you that it’s not only possible, it’s ESSENTIAL! If you keep moving forward without prioritizing yourself, you’re almost guaranteed a big burnout like I suffered from last year. And I don’t want this to happen to you!

The BIGGEST GIFT I gave myself that made it possible to not only RECOVER from burnout but to BOUNCE FORWARD, better than ever, was to take a few minutes every day to focus on myself. I had a very special and simple self-care practice that saved me… and I’d like to share it with you.

My simple self-care practice has been shown to…

  • Increase mindfulness, well-being, self-confidence & personal power
  • Increase your ability to concentrate
  • Cultivate a  greater resilience to stress, a positive mindset and a sense of hopefulness and calm
  • Decrease stress and stress-related symptoms like frustration, mood swings, feelings of overwhelm or lack of control, anxiety, depression, low energy, headaches, body aches and pains, muscle tension, chest pain and rapid heartbeat, insomnia, and frequent colds and infections
  • Reduce or even stop worrying

So if you’re ready to break out of the burnout cycle and desire to be…

  • Relaxed and confident, knowing you’re tending to the most important priorities
  • Energized, clear and focused
  • Calm, easy-going and peaceful
  • Sleeping like a baby and waking up rested
  • Engaged, inspired and passionate about your life (again)

This gift is for YOU!

It’s called,

“From Burnout To Balance: A Simple 10-Minute Daily Self-Care Practice” and it’s


All you need to do is sign up to get immediate access to your free gift.

Self-care is the KEY to getting FREE from the Burnout Cycle and finding BALANCE again. You CAN break out of the Burnout Cycle starting TODAY.

Whitney helped me turn my life around.

Before working with Whitney, I was struggling with burnout. I wasn’t sleeping. I was anxious and frustrated. I’d been laid off twice in one year and couldn’t even dream into what was next for me because I was so flattened by all my years spent in a stressful corporate environment.

Working with Whitney changed everything. With her support, I began to heal from burnout. I started sleeping better, feeling stronger and finding joy in life again.

As the anxiety and frustration melted, and my energy returned, I was able to think about what was next for me. Whitney was invaluable in helping me think about the things that bring me joy and tying those to prospective careers. Now I’m excited to be building my own business and pursuing a new path as an executive coach.

Whitney’s compassion, dedication and real-life experience with burnout were priceless gifts that have helped me turn my life around. Thank you, Whitney!

Kristin Deegan

Founder, Deegan Advisory Services

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