My Accelerated Evolution and How It Helped Me Transition From Struggle to Ease

Chronic pain. Fatigue. Lack of focus.

These were all things I struggled with after a car crash a few months ago. As if COVID-19 wasn’t taking up enough space on my plate, I was now dealing with insurance companies, getting medical treatment, hiring an attorney, and buying a new car.

(I’d say I felt overwhelmed, but that would be an understatement!)

Eager to feel balance again, I tried meditation, deep breathing, and Emotional Freedom Technique. These were all helpful… but temporary.

I wanted lasting peace and spaciousness. 

Thankfully, I’d been studying a modality – Accelerated Evolution (AE) – which targets and dissolves mental and emotional blocks. I had seen and heard amazing things about how well these AE processes work.

Even though I knew how to use the AE tools, I was also aware that receiving support would accelerate my results. So, I decided to have a Certified AE Coach run a process on me… and it was life-changing.

My breakthrough was so simple and yet so profound. I was empowered to see – yet again – that I choose everything in my life. That I’m not at the effect of anything. And this allowed me to shift out of overwhelm – and stay out of overwhelm – more effectively than anything else I’d tried.

The AE approach to healing is so swift and effective that I decided to become certified as well so that I can share these transformational practices with my clients. They build upon all the work I’ve already been doing while deepening the results that are now available to us all.

My Background in Metaphysics and How It Relates to Self-Growth

For over 3 decades, I’ve been on this continuous journey of learning, growing, and evolving. The knowledge I’ve accumulated – through my studies in metaphysics, including Accelerated Evolution – has yielded powerful tools for creating positive and lasting life change… for myself AND for my clients. 

Much of my personal and professional philosophy is rooted in metaphysics. (If all goes well, I’ll obtain my Ph.D. in metaphysics by early 2021!)

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that explores the non-physical realm, diving into our origins, existence, and understanding of self. Interestingly, many metaphysical elements overlap with what it means to thrive. 

A vital intention of both metaphysics and personal development is for you to understand yourself. Because the way forward is revealed by looking inward. Yes, there are many external obstacles you’ll face. Yet, many of your challenges will be internal.

Have you ever felt any of these emotions?

  • Paralyzing self-doubt
  • Debilitating fear of the future
  • Feeling chained to a memory from the past
  • Helplessness
  • Overwhelmed by life
  • Loneliness due to lack of support systems
  • Fear of stepping outside your comfort zone.

Perhaps you just don’t know what to do next.

Recognizing that many women suffer from these mental and emotional blocks, I began to provide coaching and spiritual counseling that address these issues. My vision is for all women to fully embrace self-love so they may heal and share their gifts with the world. I regularly ask myself, “How do I elevate my services and empower women to tackle these challenges with greater confidence?”

Then I was introduced to Satyen Raja and the Accelerated Evolution Academy.

What Is Accelerated Evolution (AE)?

You probably already know that receiving regular self-care and ongoing support is essential to your well-being. 

So, what’s stopping you from fully accepting the benefits available from these practices?

Most likely, it’s your mental or emotional blocks that act as walls and keep you from experiencing a sense of well-being. It’s why you might experience low self-esteem or lack of motivation, even when you regularly exercise and practice gratitude. Your potential for personal growth can be limited by internal obstacles.

But once you dissolve these walls and overcome your mental and emotional blocks, something magical happens. You can finally experience the bounty of your self-care efforts in terms of self-development:

  • Clearer purpose
  • Increased confidence
  • Peak performance
  • Greater freedom
  • Emotional abundance.
Gaining mastery over yourself, your emotions, and your mindset grants you access to greater opportunities. Share on X

Gaining mastery over yourself, your emotions, and your mindset grants you access to greater opportunities. You can finally pursue a life that YOU love.

Thanks to Satyen Raja, founder of the Accelerated Evolution Academy, AE is dramatically evolving what I’ve already been choosing and experiencing. His mission is “to share the most direct, swift and effective methods that create instant, core and lasting change in people’s personal and professional lives.”

 I’m excited to share that I am now officially a Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach! As such, I can use these techniques to help my clients end struggle and claim ease. 

Sounds incredible, right?

So what is the process behind Accelerated Evolution? How do you go from struggle and overwhelm to freedom and ease? Let’s find out.

How Does Accelerated Evolution Work?

Many of our problems are internal — buried beneath our mental and emotional blocks.

AE techniques remove our inner resistance through verbally-guided experiences. With each mental and emotional block dissolved, you’ll discover more of who you really are and open yourself to greater ease, joy, and peace.

AE is about tapping into the essence of who you are.

And the process works remarkably fast. It is possible to address a limiting belief and experience more freedom and new possibilities around it in just a few hours!

How Accelerated Evolution Changed My Life

As I mentioned earlier, one AE process – as facilitated by a Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach – helped me recover from my car crash-induced overwhelm in about 30 minutes. Mental and emotional challenges are often defined by two polarizing thoughts or emotions. In my case, the emotional polarities were ‘overwhelm’ (what I was currently feeling) and ‘spaciousness’ (what I wanted to feel instead).

After letting go of overwhelm, I realized that I also had a belief that there wasn’t enough time to get everything done. I’d even feel guilty when I took time to have fun (even though I KNOW better, I still saw how this block was holding me back). After receiving another AE process, I was able to release this belief and now I have the freedom of choice to have fun without guilt. (In fact, I’m on vacay with my husband this week at a fancy resort so we can enjoy some FUN, together!) 

I’ve been experiencing some amazing personal transformations through the AE processes. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I now consciously choose to have more spaciousness and abundance in my life. Because I am stronger in mind, body, and spirit, I’m also in a more empowered position to help YOU achieve the same results. 

My approach to coaching and spiritual counseling is also evolving, as I’ve added AE to my already powerful coaching and counseling toolbox. 

My Mission to Help YOU Thrive Is Rooted in My Own Journey of Self-Growth

As I partner with my clients, I speak from the experience gathered through my own self-growth journey. I am better able to help you when I’m aware of what it took to help myself.

And what I’ve learned is that AE techniques work. By removing inner resistance and dissolving mental and emotional blocks, you’ll gain a greater understanding of yourself and more freedom than you’ve ever felt before. You can finally tap into the bounty of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-advocacy.

As you move through life, you can at times feel like a pendulum swinging between tranquility and chaos. When struggling, you try some “quick fixes” to feel better, but the effects are temporary. Soon, you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed again.

Accelerated Evolution will liberate you from your mental and emotional chains, so you can transition from overwhelm and anxiety to a life of ease and empowerment.

What’s keeping YOU from accelerating your evolution and becoming the woman you want to be?

Are you tired of swinging between struggle and ease? 

Is it time to try something that has the potential to provide powerful and lasting relief?

If so, I invite you to a Complimentary 60-minute “Breakthrough Struggle to Claim Ease” Discovery Session.

In this 60-minute consultation, you’ll:

  • Reveal a clear and compelling vision of what else is possible for your life when you’re no longer struggling and are enjoying your life again
  • Get simple and practical tips for how to break free from your symptoms of overwhelm
  • Tap into greater ease, energy and inspiration 
  • Explore how having a partner on your journey will provide a shortcut to all that you desire.

Accelerated Evolution changed my life and it can change your life too. In October, I will give you an opportunity to have an experience of these tools firsthand. So stay tuned…

And in the meantime, if you’re ready to find out how these tools can help you now, click here to schedule your complimentary “Breakthrough Struggle to Claim Ease” Discovery Session with me.


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