How To Share Your Blessings With Your Community

Tis’ the season for social get-togethers, spoiling your loved ones — and yourself – while appreciating all the blessings in your life. 

As you mark your calendar for special celebrations and plan your holiday errands, you might want to consider how you can share your blessings with your community. 

Giving back to your community is a meaningful way to celebrate the holidays. When you share your blessings, not only do you help others, you feel good about yourself and encourage elevated morale in your community. 

The holidays are a time when well-established traditions are honored and new traditions are formed. So, why not encourage a tradition of altruism within your community? When one person does good, it has a ripple effect that inspires others to do the same. 

Helping others and encouraging your community to share their own blessings is a tradition you’ll want to continue. What better way is there to find such an incredible sense of fulfillment year after year?

Helping others and encouraging your community to share their own blessings is a tradition you’ll want to continue. Click To Tweet


3 Simple ways to give back to your community



Connecting could be as simple as a smile or friendly greeting to someone you pass by each day. It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of your day-to-day life and not show your appreciation for others. Many people lack connection in their life, so it could mean the world to someone if you mindfully take a moment this holiday season to have a friendly exchange.  


There is an abundance of organizations that rely on volunteer assistance. If this idea appeals to you, check with a charity that resonates with you and lend a helping hand. No matter how much time you choose to give, you’ll be making a difference. 

Perform acts of kindness

No act of kindness is too small, and each one can inspire someone to “pay it forward”. This means that your act of kindness can encourage the recipient to perform a kind action for someone else. One act of kindness not only can bring joy to the receiver, it can also encourage the community. 


What to consider before giving  


Prioritize yourself 

Before stepping out into your community to give back and spread holiday cheer, acknowledge your own needs. It’s common to feel exhaustion and burnout at the end of the year. Devote time for self-care and rest so that providing for others isn’t a burden. When you feel like your best self, sharing your energy with others comes with greater ease. 

Choose something you enjoy

Do you love animals? You might choose to volunteer at a shelter or walk your busy neighbor’s pet. Do you have a love for humanity? You might want to make care packages for the homeless or donate to a food bank. Do you love nature? Consider hosting a clean-up or joining a movement that is dedicated to improving the environment. When you choose something that holds value for you, you’ll enjoy it even more. 

Fill a void

Take into consideration the unique makeup of your community. Is there an area that could use some attention and care? Doing something that directly supports your city can have a greater impact on your community as a whole. Seeing and experiencing these changes first hand can also bring you a wonderful sense of fulfillment.    

This year, adopt a new holiday tradition and share your blessings with your community. You’ll find that giving back evokes kindness and encourages others to do the same.    

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Happy Holidays!

Claim Your Power Through Forgiveness

What feelings arise when someone is inconsiderate of you?

Anger, frustration, resentment, hurt, unworthiness… It’s valid to feel these emotions, yet how do they impact your well-being?

Unhealthy emotions sap your energy, affecting your focus and drive. As a busy high-achieving woman, you can’t afford to let disagreements get the better of you. Yet you’re also human, so it may be difficult to ignore the pain that can accompany a seemingly unjustified action. You may repeatedly replay the situation in your mind, stirring up even more disturbing thoughts, which can result in emotional exhaustion. 

So, how can you relinquish these energy-draining thoughts and emotions?

When someone’s actions hurt you, you only debilitate yourself further by holding on to pain and anger. Practicing forgiveness can help relieve recurring negative thoughts and unhealthy emotions. Forgiveness is a choice, a conscious and deliberate decision to release feelings of anger and resentment. To forgive doesn’t necessarily mean to forget, it means to accept and surrender the emotional charge experienced from the situation.

When you choose forgiveness, rather than holding on to the past, your mind stays open to the positive possibilities of what could happen in the future. By forgiving, you reclaim your power and effectiveness. 

When you choose forgiveness, rather than holding on to the past, your mind stays open to the positive possibilities of what could happen in the future. Click To Tweet

If you’re struggling to let go of unhealthy emotions triggered by another person’s actions, here are some ways to help you forgive others and reclaim your power. 


 3 Strategies for reclaiming your power when you feel hurt 


Shift your perspective

When a person’s actions feel designed to deliberately offend you or just don’t make sense, it can help to put yourself in their shoes. Although their act presented itself as harmful to you, it may have been a difficult, but necessary, decision for them. When you are able to shift your perspective, it can make it easier to understand where the other person is coming from. 


Look for the positive lesson

When you reflect on your feelings about another’s action, you may learn something about yourself that can be applied to future relationships. One of the best ways to learn in life is through experience. The learning may be around how you reacted or it may be an awareness of boundaries that you wish to set for yourself and your relationships. Whatever the case, by consciously looking for a positive lesson, you support your future self.   


Trust the Divine 

Divine timing means that when you’re connected and in alignment with the universe, things will happen at the moment destined. You may have heard the saying, “Everything happens for a reason”. This adage empowers acceptance that what can seem negative now may eventually lead to a positive outcome. In my previous article, The Art of Receiving: Spiritual Connection, I talk about how to strengthen your connection with the universe. By practicing spirituality and accepting the concept of universal intelligence, you expand your perception of divine timing. Then moments of frustration can appear less bothersome and you’ll be able to forgive more easily. 

Don’t let another’s actions impact your focus and drive. Release any resentment and unhealthy emotions and reclaim your power. Click here now to claim your free Self-Reflection Guide, The Art of Letting Go: How To Realize Greater Freedom And Fulfillment. Discover the power of letting go through forgiveness.  

This gift assists with how to:

  • Find self-acceptance and compassion
  • Let go of the past
  • Mend relationships
  • Move forward with grace and ease

Practice forgiveness today for a more joyful tomorrow.

3 Steps To Activate Your Inner Voice And Discover Your Soul’s Purpose

Feeling unfulfilled?

Are you questioning whether you are truly on the path of your soul’s purpose?

Maybe it’s time to discover answers as you activate your inner voice.

Let’s talk about the difference between your inner voice and intuition. They are both considered forms of insight, yet they come to you in different ways. The inner voice is your consciousness speaking, whereas intuition comes from your unconscious. 

Your conscious mind defines your thoughts, actions, and conscious awareness. In comparison, your unconscious mind is the deep recesses of your past memories that acts like storage for your conscious mind. As needed, your unconscious then transfers relevant information to be used consciously. 

Your inner voice tends to be more accessible since it speaks through your conscious mind, as compared to tapping into your intuition through your unconscious mind, which can require more practice. 

As a high-achieving woman, you may feel that your success hasn’t brought you the fulfillment you had hoped for. Working long hours while sacrificing your well-being can elicit dissatisfaction with the quality of your life. 

To spark guidance that brings greater clarity and a more purposeful path, take steps to activate your inner voice. Evoking the knowledge and wisdom of your conscious mind is more pragmatic for decision-making, and your decisions no longer tend to feed your ego with the kind of success that comes through sacrifice. 

Instead, as you activate your inner voice, new ideas materialize and important decisions come with greater ease and fulfillment. Because, when you discover and embark on the path of your soul’s purpose, you also embrace a life with more meaning and joy.   

How to activate your inner voice in 3 steps 

Create space 

Give yourself the gift of space by encouraging stillness in your mind and body. As you rest into a feeling of calm, old fears and worries subside and new insight from your inner voice begins to emerge. Put time aside to practice the art of creating space in your mind-body through mindfulness – meditation, journaling, or yoga. Designing a vision board can also give greater clarity. 

Embrace insight 

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. You may be making excuses for continuing to head down a path that holds you back from a life of greater purpose and fulfillment. Are you willing to choose a different action? If so, focus on listening to your inner voice. Your insight may come through as an image or a thought. Trust and embrace whatever message you receive. Explore it. Ask questions such as, “Why did this message come through?” or “Does this idea connect with my values?” When your insight is activated, it evokes greater awareness of your reality and connects you more deeply with your spiritual Self—your higher Self or higher consciousness. This enables you to access a life of greater purpose and fulfillment. When you include your new insights in your vision board or write them in your journal, it can provide even more awareness of your soul’s purpose. 

Move with intention

Activating your inner voice can access ideas from a deeper level of awareness, yet it’s your actions that make these ideas a reality. Think about what motivates your actions. For example, when you act from a place of fear or pride, you disconnect from living your truth, which can create resistance in forward motion. However, when your intention aligns with your values, you access a smoother path to your soul’s purpose. As you activate your inner voice, your intentions become clearer, and you are able to move forward with greater ease and flow.  

Activating your inner voice can access ideas from a deeper level of awareness Click To Tweet

You activate your inner voice by creating space and clarity in your mind and body. As you embrace the insight that comes through, take intentional action toward it. 

Your inner voice brings more fulfillment by guiding you toward your soul’s purpose, which can lay the foundation for your legacy. Click here now for your free gift: What’s Your Legacy? 5 Ways To Leave Your Imprint On The World, and access your greater purpose. 

This free gift can help you:

  • Open to new possibilities 
  • Gain greater clarity
  • Expand your sense of fulfillment
  • Experience everyday joy

Your soul’s purpose is waiting!

7 Habits to Activate Your Success Mindset

What does it mean to activate a success mindset? 

It means to spark joy, purpose, and greater fulfillment in….

Your daily routine. 

Your lifestyle. 

Your legacy. 

Activating a success mindset isn’t merely finding motivation for achievement. Although experiencing intense motivation to achieve can sometimes feel like a success mindset, that motivation may consume your energy and result in exhaustion or burnout. 

Instead, a success mindset is about connecting with a deeper, more meaningful sense of aliveness as you embrace your journey through life. When you live mindfully, you spark greater fulfillment in your everyday life and discover long-term goals that can lay the foundation for your legacy. 

Practicing daily habits that evoke mindful living can activate a success mindset where you reap more without sacrificing your wellbeing. 

7 Habits To Activate Your Success Mindset 


Grow your skills and knowledge by learning new things often. Opening your mind to new concepts and ideas creates greater awareness of your interests. This simulates you to continue evolving.  


Writing your thoughts on paper connects you with your consciousness. Whether creative writing to ignite your imagination or keeping a personal journal to organize your thoughts and emotions, writing expands your consciousness and activates a success mindset.    


Practice self-care by allowing yourself time to rest. Recharging your battery helps maintain your energy so you are more mindful of your needs. Rest might come in the form of the following: a respite from electronics such as your phone; saying no to friends or family; or investing your time in a self-care routine.  


When you move, you strengthen your mind-body connection. This helps you stay mindful of your body, which provides greater awareness of how you feel and what brings you joy. Movement also helps manage your energy levels and elevate your mood. All this inspires and activates a success mindset.  


Sharing can be shown through kindness, such as lending a helping hand or sharing a friendly smile. You can also share your knowledge with the world through teaching. Whether you’re sharing your kindness or knowledge, you’re training your mind by evoking meaningful compassion towards others.


Dedicating yourself to a vision or to living in alignment with certain values will guide you on a path filled with deeper meaning and greater purpose. Values are fundamental beliefs that prompt your actions. Having a vision based on your values can lead to the kind of life you imagine. Having strong values and a positive vision will activate a success mindset that inspires you. 

Be grateful 

Being grateful for what you already have provides the inspiration to continue moving forward. It brings the awareness of the good you have and keeps you mindful of what’s yet to come. 

Training your mind daily with one or more of these habits can provide a success mindset that leaves you feeling fulfilled. 

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  • Clarify how you view success
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When you activate your success mindset, you experience more from life.


Aligned Relationships: A Gift To Yourself

You may be wondering, “What do you mean by an aligned relationship?

Another term that I use for an aligned relationship is alliance. Both describe an association, a connection, a bond with people who are supportive of your journey. You have shared values, similar visions, common goals, or benevolent desires for each other. 

There are many gifts you receive from aligned relationships, including the following…

You feel valued and supported. 

You’re understood.

You experience a sense of ease.

An aligned relationship can exist with a friend, an associate, or a romantic partner. It’s been shown that connecting with others is essential to one’s well-being, just like proper rest, a healthy diet, and physical movement. Aligned relationships nourish you with  support and caring, bringing greater joy to your life.

If you currently feel stuck in any relationships that aren’t ideal, continue reading for tips on how to shift your circumstances. 

As you define who you are – your values and your needs – making aligned connections with others will come more naturally.   

As you define who you are - your values and your needs - making aligned connections with others will come more naturally. Click To Tweet

Step 1: Strengthen your relationship with yourself


Set aside time to celebrate and reward yourself. Self-care may sometimes mean saying no to others. If you feel stretched too thin, make sure to recharge before giving your time and energy to another. Practicing self-care will help you rejuvenate and give you time to rediscover what brings you joy. 

Inner reflection 

In my previous article, Live In Authentic Alignment With These 2 Simple Steps, I spoke about uncovering your core values to live in authentic alignment. Your core values reflect what’s most important to you in life. Keeping a journal or practicing meditation are great ways to help you uncover your core values. This type of inner reflection is essential for healthier connections with others.


When you’re grateful for what you have, you attract more to be grateful for. This includes aligned relationships. Each morning or at night before bed, acknowledge aloud at least one thing you’re grateful for. This practice helps you clarify what matters most and what brings you joy.

Step 2: Make aligned connections with others

Community connections

Getting involved in a community project or class is a great way to find other individuals whose goals and concerns align with yours. When you have common interests that you both value, relationships align naturally and with ease.  

Work relationships

Making connections at work can help you develop and discover aligned relationships. The positive thing about nurturing work associations is that it’s common to have similar visions or goals. When your paths are aligned, you’re better able to motivate and support each other. 

Personal relationships

Are your personal relationships truly in alignment with who you are? If it’s a challenge for you to maintain quality friendships or romantic partners, this may be a good question to ponder. Personal relationships aren’t necessarily bound through mutual interests or goals, so achieving healthy, aligned relationships often depend on your awareness of the values that are most meaningful to you. 

Ideal relationships are those that align with your authentic self. Before connecting with others, foster your understanding of your values and needs. For additional help in discovering relationships that align with your journey, Click here to claim your free gift: Realize Your Dreams With a Vision Board

This gift will help you…

  • Define your interests
  • Inspire a vision 
  • Manifest goals
  • Attract positive relationships

For greater success and joy in life, gift yourself with aligned relationships!

To Be Or NOT To Be: How To Connect

When you have a moment of pause, do you need to fill that space or can you merely allow yourself to BE?

You may not often have the gift of time for yourself. Perhaps a few minutes between tasks or an hour or two after work might be all your day allows. Yet it’s not how much time you have, but rather what you do with it. Being conscious of how you use your precious time is essential to your wellbeing. 

During a moment of pause, society’s inclination is to spend that time in front of a screen or creating urgent to-do lists. Your mind chooses this because it’s more comfortable and familiar than focusing on being present. 

However, when you allow yourself to be, without distraction, your mind has the chance to separate itself from life’s constant busyness. You have greater awareness of your emotions and more easily tap into your consciousness. Though disconnecting from distractions might be a challenge, learning to embrace the connection with your mind, body, and spirit will have you looking forward to those organic moments of pause. 

when you allow yourself to be, without distraction, your mind has the chance to separate itself from life’s constant busyness. You have greater awareness of your emotions and more easily tap into your consciousness Click To Tweet

The experience of these conscious moments enables you to gain new perspectives and discover greater fulfillment. 


How disconnection helps you connect 


Heightened Senses

When your mind is cleared of distractions, your senses become heightened to the things around you in the present moment. Maybe you notice a lingering smell from a nearby flower or the warmth of a passing breeze. Your heightened senses help you connect in the moment and encourage greater joy.  

Stronger Relationships

Disconnecting from life’s distractions allows for greater insight. This insight provides more clarity and understanding of your Self. As you connect more deeply with yourself, you’re able to love yourself more, which also reflects in your other relationships. 

Improved Focus

Engaging in mindful practices helps you manage intrusive thoughts and find a greater appreciation for stillness. These practices can help you recalibrate, so you have less mental chatter and improved focus.


The art of disconnection


Commit to a time

Whether it’s in the morning, after lunch, in the evening, or during the weekend, schedule a time to completely disconnect. Be aware that there’s a chance something can arise that needs to be addressed during your disconnection time. To fully commit to your connection time and avoid disruptions, turn off your phone, computer, and other electronics. Focus on your breath, meditate, journal, practice a mindful movement, or simply sit in stillness. A mere five minutes of connection each day can shift your mindset and provide greater joy.  

Commit to a place

It may be a place rather than a time that encourages you to disconnect. If you have a place to visit that gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself, go there often. If not, create one. A pleasant nook in your home or a spot in a nearby park could be the ideal place to practice BEing without distraction. Once you make these moments of BEing part of your daily life, your newly embraced mindset and the joy you feel will be more accessible in any location.         

Commit to the present

In the present moment, you can truly begin to connect with yourself. Mindful movements and journaling can be excellent doorways to the present. It doesn’t serve you to stress about yesterday’s challenges or tomorrow’s problems. Focus on what you’re feeling now. 

Learning to disconnect from distraction is important to your wellbeing. And, you can discover inner fulfillment during mindful moments of pause.   

For additional ways to connect with your Self, take a moment to evaluate the level of balance in your life. Click here to claim your free checklist, How To Achieve Balance In Your Life

This rebalance checklist can help you…

  • Identify your priorities
  • Organize your time
  • Embrace your wellbeing
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Experience greater joy

Discover greater inner fulfillment by connecting with your Self. 


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