Live In Authentic Alignment With These 2 Simple Steps

What does it mean to live in authentic alignment?

It means that the way you’re living is congruent – or in harmony – with…

Your highest version of your Self.

Your truth.

Your values.

Your soul’s purpose. 

So, how do you live in authentic alignment?

A good place to start is to uncover your core values. These are the intentions you desire to live by. They guide your journey and shape who you are as a person. When you choose actions based on your core values, you are better able to align with your authentic self and experience greater joy, happiness, and success.

Take the time to determine what values are most important to you. Then, find ways to incorporate those values into your life. When you organize your day to reflect the values that are meaningful to you, alignment will follow. Here’s a simple way to identify your core values.

When you organize your day to reflect the values that are meaningful to you, alignment will follow. Click To Tweet

Step 1: Uncovering your core values

People you admire

Who do you look up to? If you were to switch lives with someone right now, who would you choose? Consider their qualities, such as perseverance, gregariousness, or kindness. What qualities resonate most with you? As you do this, be careful not to compare yourself with others. Merely reflect on and list the desirable values that they live by.     

Your past experiences

When were you most happy? Can you think back to a time in your life when you were truly at peace? Reflect on what made that moment great. What was at the root of that feeling of joy and contentment? Did you have a particular mindset at that time? Make a list of values that you believe you held at that moment. 

Your future self

Consider the values you’ve already written. How might they influence your future? Ask yourself who you truly want to be and embrace these values. If there’s something missing, a value that only your future self can elicit, add that to your list now.  

It’s possible that your list of beliefs and values may now be daunting. Select 3-5 core values that truly stand out. Attempting to live by too many values can complicate the alignment process.

Step 2: Incorporate your values daily

Ask yourself, is there congruence between your current daily routine and your personal values? If the answer is no, adjust your routine to mindfully align your daily actions with your values. Create an agenda and consider the following… 

Your long-term goals

Each day is an opportunity to take one step closer to being the person you envision. Be mindful of this as you move through your day. Align your long-term goals with your core values. And as you embody these values daily, you’ll begin to manifest your long-term goals. 

If one of your chosen values is kindness, your long-term goal might be to start a non-profit or raise awareness for a cause. As you move through the day embodying kindness, your actions align with your purpose.  

Experiencing joy daily

You’ll find that living your values brings daily doses of joy. If your chosen values truly align with your soul’s purpose, your actions will bring you a wonderful sense of fulfillment. 

If one of your core values is to mentor, then guiding others to experience growth and development may be what brings you daily joy.  

Living in alignment starts with your core values. By choosing mindful actions that align with these values, you find more joy and success in life. Click here to claim your complimentary Core Values Assessment: Aligning Your Core Values To Your Authentic Self and discover the core values that align best with your soul’s purpose. 

This assessment will help you:

  • Identify what gives you meaning
  • Prioritize your values
  • Live in alignment 
  • Experience greater joy

Identify and act on your core values to live in authentic alignment!

To Be Or NOT To Be: How To Connect

When you have a moment of pause, do you need to fill that space or can you merely allow yourself to BE?

You may not often have the gift of time for yourself. Perhaps a few minutes between tasks or an hour or two after work might be all your day allows. Yet it’s not how much time you have, but rather what you do with it. Being conscious of how you use your precious time is essential to your wellbeing. 

During a moment of pause, society’s inclination is to spend that time in front of a screen or creating urgent to-do lists. Your mind chooses this because it’s more comfortable and familiar than focusing on being present. 

However, when you allow yourself to be, without distraction, your mind has the chance to separate itself from life’s constant busyness. You have greater awareness of your emotions and more easily tap into your consciousness. Though disconnecting from distractions might be a challenge, learning to embrace the connection with your mind, body, and spirit will have you looking forward to those organic moments of pause. 

when you allow yourself to be, without distraction, your mind has the chance to separate itself from life’s constant busyness. You have greater awareness of your emotions and more easily tap into your consciousness Click To Tweet

The experience of these conscious moments enables you to gain new perspectives and discover greater fulfillment. 


How disconnection helps you connect 


Heightened Senses

When your mind is cleared of distractions, your senses become heightened to the things around you in the present moment. Maybe you notice a lingering smell from a nearby flower or the warmth of a passing breeze. Your heightened senses help you connect in the moment and encourage greater joy.  

Stronger Relationships

Disconnecting from life’s distractions allows for greater insight. This insight provides more clarity and understanding of your Self. As you connect more deeply with yourself, you’re able to love yourself more, which also reflects in your other relationships. 

Improved Focus

Engaging in mindful practices helps you manage intrusive thoughts and find a greater appreciation for stillness. These practices can help you recalibrate, so you have less mental chatter and improved focus.


The art of disconnection


Commit to a time

Whether it’s in the morning, after lunch, in the evening, or during the weekend, schedule a time to completely disconnect. Be aware that there’s a chance something can arise that needs to be addressed during your disconnection time. To fully commit to your connection time and avoid disruptions, turn off your phone, computer, and other electronics. Focus on your breath, meditate, journal, practice a mindful movement, or simply sit in stillness. A mere five minutes of connection each day can shift your mindset and provide greater joy.  

Commit to a place

It may be a place rather than a time that encourages you to disconnect. If you have a place to visit that gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself, go there often. If not, create one. A pleasant nook in your home or a spot in a nearby park could be the ideal place to practice BEing without distraction. Once you make these moments of BEing part of your daily life, your newly embraced mindset and the joy you feel will be more accessible in any location.         

Commit to the present

In the present moment, you can truly begin to connect with yourself. Mindful movements and journaling can be excellent doorways to the present. It doesn’t serve you to stress about yesterday’s challenges or tomorrow’s problems. Focus on what you’re feeling now. 

Learning to disconnect from distraction is important to your wellbeing. And, you can discover inner fulfillment during mindful moments of pause.   

For additional ways to connect with your Self, take a moment to evaluate the level of balance in your life. Click here to claim your free checklist, How To Achieve Balance In Your Life

This rebalance checklist can help you…

  • Identify your priorities
  • Organize your time
  • Embrace your wellbeing
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Experience greater joy

Discover greater inner fulfillment by connecting with your Self. 


The Joyful Journey: Connecting With Your Higher Self

Finding meaning in your life is a key aspect of living well. Connecting with your higher Self is essential to experiencing your unique joyful life journey. Tapping into your higher Self allows you to embrace each moment fully and appreciate it for what it is.

Connecting with your higher Self is essential to experiencing your unique joyful life journey. Click To Tweet

Your higher Self is conscious. Much like how religion connects you with a higher entity, spirituality allows you to connect to your own conscious guide – your higher Self.  

As a high-achieving woman, you tend to move through life at a fast pace. You are often motivated by the desire to reach certain goals. This can result in feelings of urgency to finish one thing and move on to the next. And when your mindset is that you’ll be happier and more successful once you reach that goal, it’s easy to find that you’re sacrificing your health, wellbeing, relationships, or dreams. 

When you get in touch with your higher Self through spiritual practice, it’s the journey that brings you happiness and success rather than the achievement of the goal itself. By connecting with your Self and discovering your own unique journey, you are better able to experience success without sacrifice.

Life’s joyful journey starts with a conscious connection with your higher Self. Spiritual practices are how you strengthen this connection.  

How to connect with your higher Self:


Connect with nature

Nature is an incredible spiritual guide. It provides you with a sense of the present, encouraging you to connect with the moment. When you walk in nature, notice the feeling of peaceful presence. In times of chaos, recall and reconnect with this feeling of presence. Connecting with this sense of being in times of struggle can sustain you.    


The practice of sitting still, focusing on the breath, and allowing your mind to detach from thought allows you to hear your higher Self. When you meditate and calm the mind, you create space for your inner wisdom to connect in harmony with your body.   


Letting your thoughts flow from your body onto paper can help you connect with your conscious mind. The more often you write about your thoughts, feelings, and observations, the more you access your higher consciousness. Be consistent and you’ll tap into your higher Self and what makes your life journey joyful. 

As you deepen your connection with your higher Self, notice the shifts in your life. Embrace these changes, as they can be signs that you are on the path of your joyful journey and experiencing success without sacrifice. 

What to expect on your joyful journey:


Letting go 

As you connect on your journey, you’ll notice things that no longer serve you. Habits you’ve picked up over the years, how you use your time, and even some relationships may need to be reevaluated. Letting go of what no longer serves you can be a challenge. Yet it’s part of the growth process, and releasing these things creates space that can be used in a more meaningful way as you continue your journey. 

Core values 

Your core values become clear and present once you connect with your Higher Self. You learn how to effortlessly incorporate them into your life. When your path yields success without sacrifice, your core values have become an integral part of your life. 


Create a vision and hold on to it. When you’re connecting with your higher Self, your vision is more clear and manifesting occurs with greater ease. Tapping into that clear vision leads you to your unique joyful journey. 

Connect with your higher Self. Begin a journey that brings you purpose, fulfillment, and joy with greater ease. A joyful journey finds happiness in each moment, not merely when you achieve a goal. If you would like additional tips for how to create your own joyful journey and experience greater happiness, click here to claim my free Self-Reflection Guide, Happiness 101: A Modern Guide to a More Joyful Life. 

This guide offers:

  • Self-reflection questions
  • Opportunities for new perspectives
  • Encouragement for a more joyful life

Expand Your Opportunities Through Spaciousness

“All forms of becoming require spaciousness in one way or another; mental space that allows the mind to expand, emotional space for feeling to flower, and physical space in which to move.” ― Dana Hutton

When you place a young plant in a pot, it can grow no bigger than the pot. The more spacious the pot, the greater the plant can expand and grow. As the plant grows larger in size, its ability to produce flowers or fruit increases. 

In my last article, Spaciousness: Your Antidote To Tension, I spoke about how movement of your body creates spaciousness. Now, think of your mind as if it were a plant; it needs space to expand and bear the fruit of possibilities. 

Creating space in your mind starts with letting go of overactive thoughts such as doubt, worry, fear, or stress. Let’s look at how you can clear your mind of busy thoughts about the past or future and focus on the present instead.

4 ways to invite spaciousness to the mind: 

Let go

Unhealthy emotions can take up a lot of space in the mind. Whether you’re stuck in sadness and grieving, anger or resentment, holding onto the past can limit your mind from expanding and even cause your body harm. Yes, it’s important to allow yourself time to acknowledge your emotions, however it’s also essential to be mindful of your wellbeing. Allow yourself to engage in practices that give your mind room to grow. 

You can let go of unhealthy emotions and move on from unchangeable events of the past by practicing forgiveness. As well, focus on the present and things you can control. See my previous article, Spaciousness: Your Antidote To Tension, for other ways to release negative emotions.   

Welcome stillness

It’s a challenge to welcome stillness in a world that moves so fast. Women with Type A personalities tend to fill their time with tasks. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself with a break during the day, consider it a blessing. It’s in these moments of stillness that your mind can cultivate creativity and explore realms that your everyday busy mind wouldn’t. 

When a moment of stillness arises, sit with it. Breathe and take notice of the elements around you – what you see, hear, or feel. Become more aware of these moments of stillness and embrace them. They could be common everyday occurrences, such as eating lunch by yourself, weeding your garden, or vacuuming your home. The spaciousness that comes with a still mind is an opportunity for mental expansion. 


How accepting are you of new ideas or changes in your life? Whether you welcome something new into your life or release what no longer serves you, you open up space for greater possibilities. Try something different or accept a life change, such as a new career, moving to a different city, or ending an unhealthy relationship. Acceptance of that which life brings, while maintaining an optimistic outlook, can open up possibilities that attract greater growth and opportunity. 


As a high-achieving woman, you may experience a sense of urgency to respond immediately when faced with an unwelcome situation. Moving at a fast pace doesn’t mean you’re most effective. Practicing patience can help you make better choices. 

When you allow yourself to pause before responding, you have time to evaluate your emotional state and give your mind space to consider greater possible options. Patience gives your mind the spaciousness it needs to expand your opportunities. 

Spaciousness gives your mind the ability to focus, expand, and discover alternatives that present new and exciting opportunities in your life. For additional ways to create spaciousness in your mind and expand your opportunities, claim your free visualization guide: 8 Steps to Realizing the Life You Desire

Spaciousness gives your mind the ability to focus, expand, and discover alternatives that present new and exciting opportunities in your life. Click To Tweet

This guide will help you:

  • Clarify your true desires
  • Inspire and motivate
  • Manifest dreams 
  • Expand your mind with a vision

Practice creating spaciousness and expansion in your mind to enjoy more of life’s opportunities!

The Art of Receiving: Spiritual Connection

Are you ready to receive all that the universe intends for you?

The study of quantum physics tells us that the planets, the stars, and everything else in the universe are connected as one unified field with a universal intelligence. In this field that connects us all, infinite realities exist, which allow for infinite possibilities. Since you are an interconnected part of the universe, and of all that is, you have the ability to access and receive the abundance of infinite possibilities. 

However, your ego’s desire for control can often override your connection with the universe and its abundance. It is especially common for a woman who thrives on and makes sacrifices for success to believe that there’s a separation between herself and the universe. When this occurs, you may feel that the only way to be successful at achieving your goals is to work hard… even to the point of burnout. When your ego prompts a scarcity mindset, it creates doubt about the existence of infinite possibilities and the opportunity for success without sacrifice.

However, if you were to maintain your connection with all that is and allow yourself to have faith that the universe will provide for you, success can be achieved with greater ease and flow. Staying spiritually connected can help you maintain this abundant mindset, so you are open to receive the highest and best that the universe has to offer. 

There are many practices that can enhance your ability to connect more deeply with your spirituality, such as: meditation, yoga, journaling, positive self-talk, and communing with nature. As you expand into a true knowing that you are one with the universe, you deepen your spiritual connection. 

When you make that spiritual connection and can trust that the universe is providing for you in the best and highest way, you’re able to receive its endless possibilities. Here are some steps for you to connect more deeply with your higher Self and receive more from life.

When you make that spiritual connection and can trust that the universe is providing for you in the best and highest way, you’re able to receive its endless possibilities. Click To Tweet

Step 1: Engage with your vision

Part 1. Create your vision 

Do you have a goal in mind? Or a dream you’ve been nurturing? Even though you’ve had great success in your life, you may still be striving toward an unfulfilled vision. To receive what you desire, you must first visualize it. For example, if your dream is to own a successful online business, instead of working your 9 to 5, hold onto that vision. Don’t let the fear of change or what others might say block you from receiving your goal. 

Write a list of all the wonderful possibilities that could come from your vision. Keep an open mind about how this vision might manifest, because it may occur differently than you imagine or the end result might not be quite what you expect. The important aspect here is realizing a vision that aligns with your values and that you have the intention to achieve. 

Part 2. Take action

Once you have a vision in mind, begin to move toward it, physically. It might be a small step such as creating a vision board or writing down your dreams to help you manifest and keep your vision alive. Or, perhaps a big leap such as hiring a website designer to help you start a website, investing in a product to sell, or moving on from your current position to make more time for your new venture. What matters is that you’re taking action to eventually receive what you want most in life. 

Step 2: Connect Spiritually

Part 1. Understanding

You can have a vision and take action to achieve it. However, do you know why you truly want this? If you see this vision as something that adds value to your life, acknowledge why. Using the online business you want to create as an example, you might consider the following: Are you looking for a more flexible work schedule to access greater self-care? Do you have a product to sell that could help others? Is there a message you want to share with the world? 

Understanding why you want to receive something will help you connect to it on a deeper, more spiritual level. Write down your thoughts or engage in a meaningful conversation to help you recognize the reasons why you want to receive this. Once you have a deeper awareness of your “why,” the universe can move forward on the “how.”.  

Part 2. Be ready to align 

Infinite possibilities exist in the universe and, as the study of quantum physics reveals, if you’re truly connecting as one with the universe, you’re open to receive possibilities that are in your highest and best good. So, when you have a vision, do the spiritual work to understand why you truly want it, and take action toward it, the universe aligns to connect you with your vision. So, be ready to receive whatever comes your way. And keep an open mind, because the universe may fulfill your vision in a different form than what you expect. 

As you deepen your spiritual connection, you’ll experience a greater sense of oneness with all there is, the universe aligns with your vision, and you open up to receive more fully. For more ways to help you connect spiritually, claim your free Discovery Guide: 5 Journal Prompts to Unfold Your Spiritual Self. 

This gift will allow for:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Increased positive transformation
  • Manifestation of visions and goals
  • Enhanced meaning and joy in life

Connect with all that the universe intends for you by connecting with your spiritual Self. 

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