Spiritual Evolution: How To Experience Your True Nature

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Although you are a spiritual being, you may struggle with unresolved issues stemming from your human experience. These issues tend to cause emotional and mental upset, which can keep you “asleep” and unaware that you are a spiritual being. Yet, at some point you may tire of the struggle and desire to embark on the path of spiritual evolution.

Spiritual evolution is the journey to find and experience the divine being at the core of your existence, also referred to as your true nature or higher self. To evolve spiritually, you must free your awareness from your ego, identities, and the conditioning of past experiences. This allows you to dissolve your unresolved issues and view life from new perspectives. This shift enables you to experience greater peace, joy, and ease. As a bonus, your growth contributes to the evolution of the human collective consciousness.  

The Process of Spiritual Evolution 

A key step to evolving spiritually is recognizing that you’re on a journey to discover your true nature. You deepen your introspection by engaging in spiritual practices such as journaling, meditation, and mindful movement. This provides you with greater clarity and insight. As you continue forward on your journey, you may notice certain indications that you’re evolving. Here are 3 stages of spiritual evolution:

Conscious Connection

Your subconscious stores an accumulated wealth of knowledge that isn’t always accessible to your conscious mind. As you evolve spiritually, you’ll experience greater mental clarity, and connections between the conscious and subconscious become more frequent and distinct. You might notice that your instincts are heightened or that you make decisions with greater confidence and ease. These are signs of an increased connection between your conscious and subconscious. 


Being present and living in the moment is a sign that you’re developing greater awareness. This awareness is essential to connecting with your true nature. Being at ease with uncertainty or finding joy in quiet moments are both indications of your growing awareness. Appreciate the moments when you are present and aware, as they bring more clarity and a deeper relatedness with your true self.


An awakened mind sees the positive aspects of a situation more readily. You’ll find that you have greater faith in the Divine, allowing you to better trust your timeline. As you discover your deeper purpose, you’ll experience profound levels of insight and joy. Awakening to your true nature enables you to access and activate your greatest potential.


Tips to Remember 

It takes time

Spiritual evolution is an ongoing journey. Throughout life, your true nature will provide guidance and wisdom. The more you trust in the Divine and stick with your spiritual practices, the greater chance there is of synchronicities appearing in your life.

It’s not always easy

Even when you engage in consistent spiritual practices, you may encounter obstacles. Choosing to stay on the path of spiritual evolution requires discipline. How you handle the challenges that occur will determine the extent to which you reap the rewards of ease and flow.  

Major shifts might occur

Change can be uncomfortable at times. Yet, it’s important to your spiritual evolution. Your insights may invite shifts in such areas as your relationships, career, and lifestyle. Welcoming these shifts opens the door to receiving outcomes that are beyond your imagination. 

As you look for signs of your spiritual evolution, you’ll be more inspired to remain on the path that leads to experiencing your true nature. For additional guidance on this journey, click here to claim your free gift, Evolve With Intention: Become The Highest Version of Yourself.


Evolution: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Evolution is typically defined as “a change in the genetic composition of a population over successive generations.” When we hear “evolution”, we tend to think of the progressive change of a species adapting gradually over time in response to their shifting environment. 

This article will address evolution from a spiritual perspective. For simplification, let’s say that evolution is a process of growth and change that usually produces a stronger, more advanced form that is better able to thrive in an existing environment.

The term “spiritual evolution” indicates that our mind and spirit evolves from a simple form, that’s dominated by nature and the physical world, to a higher form dominated by the Spiritual or Divine. In plain language, it’s the growth and transformation of your soul and the awakening of your higher Self. Therefore, understanding how to evolve can guide you on an unimaginable journey of self-discovery. 

As you move through life, any number of circumstances can encourage your personal evolution. The choices you make in response to these occurrences are catalysts for the evolution of your Soul. These defining moments allow for transformational shifts in your journey and encourage growth and self-discovery, which are key to achieving success with greater fulfillment and joy. 

As you move through life, any number of circumstances can encourage your personal evolution. The choices you make in response to these occurrences are catalysts for the evolution of your Soul Click To Tweet


4 Questions To Guide You Through Evolutionary Change 


Where are you in your evolution?

The first step to realizing your full potential is to acknowledge that your journey has already begun. Recognizing where you are on your journey and where you desire to be helps you continue forward with greater confidence. Consider your past, your future, how far you’ve come, and the values you want to convey to the world. As you reach greater levels of awareness, you may discover you’re further along in your evolution than you thought or you might uncover new aspirations for growth.

How do you perceive your past choices?

As you reflect on your journey, you might feel regret about a moment in the past. If this occurs, it’s important to understand that dwelling on past mistakes can prevent forward movement. When you are able to look back and recognize these moments as learning experiences instead, you shift your narrative. 

How do you respond to change?

Your response to challenges can significantly impact upon your evolutionary process. As you grow spiritually, you begin to shed your ego and embrace greater self-awareness. So when you are faced with unexpected external events, instead of reacting without thinking, you’ll be able to respond more consciously and with greater clarity. Learning to accept even the most difficult circumstances with greater ease creates the space for new opportunities and paths to show up. 

What tools can help you have a positive evolutionary experience?

When a life event occurs, it may not seem clear at first how it will impact your growth. There are tools, or spiritual practices, that can provide the clarity and perspective to evolve with greater ease. Below are a few of these practices and how they work:

  • Mindful movement: relaxes the body and calms the mind. Mindful movement is any activity that is done with intention and allows you to focus on your breath in order to create stillness in the mind. 
  • Journaling: evokes subconscious thoughts for greater mental clarity. 
  • Spoken affirmations: encourages greater confidence and ease during uncertain times. 
  • Gratitude: a reminder of how far you’ve come in life and the growth you’ve accomplished on your journey. Practicing gratitude daily to acknowledge all that you have can bring even more blessings into your life.

Spiritual evolution is a personal journey that might be prompted by an undesirable or unexpected circumstance. When you understand that any experience is a part of your evolutionary journey, you are better able to harness its positive aspects for a greater connection with your higher Self.

Looking for more? Click here to claim your free guide: Reinvent Yourself: Embrace Who You Truly Are and discover how to evolve into the greatest version of your Self. 

This year, let life’s changes inspire your journey of evolution.

Rediscover Passion & Purpose Through Community Connection

My previous article, How To Share Your Blessings With Your Community, responds to the question, “What can I do for the community?”. In it, I addressed how sharing your blessings with your community can evoke fulfillment, especially around the holidays. 

However, community can also benefit you in other ways. 

You may be wondering, “What do you mean by community connection and how can it serve me?”

A community is composed of like-minded individuals who share common interests and goals. Connecting with community can spark passion, align you with your purpose, and fuel your dreams.

Connecting with community can spark passion, align you with your purpose, and fuel your dreams. Click To Tweet

Whether you’re feeling disconnected from your purpose… Or lacking the strength of passion that you once possessed… It could be that your journey requires the giving and receiving of support that can come from being in community with other high-achieving women. 

Connecting with like-minded women can reactivate your passion, provide insight, and encourage you to realign with your life’s true purpose. 

How community encourages passion and life purpose:

Elicits communication and truth

Communicating with others can give rise to unrecognized aspects of your true self. Expressing yourself with those who give you permission to be fully YOU allows for the discovery of deeper truths within, as well as greater insights into your journey. 

Boosts confidence 

It is not unusual for our thoughts to spin out into ‘what if’ narratives. This can lead to self-doubt and stuckness. Your affiliation with a community that cheers you on can boost your confidence to continue forward on your path. 

Provides alternate perspectives and possibilities 

Perhaps you’re at a crossroads in your journey. You’re not sure which direction to take. Or you’re questioning whether your current path will lead to the desired result. Access to community provides you with the opportunity to receive different perspectives and broader possibilities. This allows for shifts in your mindset that you might not have otherwise experienced. 

Helps overcome unhealthy emotions

Feelings of fear, anger, or unworthiness can negatively impact your journey. However, when you’re connected with a group of women who share your interests and values, it’s easier to shake these unhealthy emotions. Community can encourage laughter, joy, and support that clears the way for aligned action. 

Supports alignment with purpose

Your purpose or legacy isn’t always clear to see. And, getting to a place where you have more clarity can be a journey. With a community of like-minded women as your champions, you’re that much closer to aligning yourself with your greater purpose. 


3 Ways to connect with community 

Attend events

Connecting with others requires action on your part. You may need to step out of your comfort zone or adjust your normal routine to find a community that resonates with you. Consider taking classes that feed your interests or attending meet-ups and programs happening in neighboring areas. You can even join virtual communities that connect through online or in-person events. 

Explore public spaces

Find public places that appeal to your interests. If you love being outdoors and have a passion for nature, move some of your activities to a nearby park. If you love business, move to a co-work space that could evoke associations with others who have similar goals. This might not be a formal community, however, a communal space can be a good place to start expanding your connections.  

Schedule time

A big part of uniting with a community is making the time to connect. Perhaps you already have a network of like-minded friends who can serve as your community. Then, it’s merely a matter of scheduling get-togethers where you can share your thoughts, goals, and dreams. And don’t forget to ask how you can support each other moving forward.

If you’re uninspired, unmotivated, or lacking passion to move forward, community can provide the support you desire. Connecting with like-minded women can bring greater purpose and joy to your journey. 

For additional ways to stimulate your life journey, click here to claim your free Tip Sheet: 8 Simple Strategies For Greater Passion And Purpose.  

Embrace community and discover greater inspiration on your path of purpose.

7 Habits to Activate Your Success Mindset

What does it mean to activate a success mindset? 

It means to spark joy, purpose, and greater fulfillment in….

Your daily routine. 

Your lifestyle. 

Your legacy. 

Activating a success mindset isn’t merely finding motivation for achievement. Although experiencing intense motivation to achieve can sometimes feel like a success mindset, that motivation may consume your energy and result in exhaustion or burnout. 

Instead, a success mindset is about connecting with a deeper, more meaningful sense of aliveness as you embrace your journey through life. When you live mindfully, you spark greater fulfillment in your everyday life and discover long-term goals that can lay the foundation for your legacy. 

Practicing daily habits that evoke mindful living can activate a success mindset where you reap more without sacrificing your wellbeing. 

7 Habits To Activate Your Success Mindset 


Grow your skills and knowledge by learning new things often. Opening your mind to new concepts and ideas creates greater awareness of your interests. This simulates you to continue evolving.  


Writing your thoughts on paper connects you with your consciousness. Whether creative writing to ignite your imagination or keeping a personal journal to organize your thoughts and emotions, writing expands your consciousness and activates a success mindset.    


Practice self-care by allowing yourself time to rest. Recharging your battery helps maintain your energy so you are more mindful of your needs. Rest might come in the form of the following: a respite from electronics such as your phone; saying no to friends or family; or investing your time in a self-care routine.  


When you move, you strengthen your mind-body connection. This helps you stay mindful of your body, which provides greater awareness of how you feel and what brings you joy. Movement also helps manage your energy levels and elevate your mood. All this inspires and activates a success mindset.  


Sharing can be shown through kindness, such as lending a helping hand or sharing a friendly smile. You can also share your knowledge with the world through teaching. Whether you’re sharing your kindness or knowledge, you’re training your mind by evoking meaningful compassion towards others.


Dedicating yourself to a vision or to living in alignment with certain values will guide you on a path filled with deeper meaning and greater purpose. Values are fundamental beliefs that prompt your actions. Having a vision based on your values can lead to the kind of life you imagine. Having strong values and a positive vision will activate a success mindset that inspires you. 

Be grateful 

Being grateful for what you already have provides the inspiration to continue moving forward. It brings the awareness of the good you have and keeps you mindful of what’s yet to come. 

Training your mind daily with one or more of these habits can provide a success mindset that leaves you feeling fulfilled. 

For additional ways to activate a success mindset, click here to claim my free gift, Success Without Sacrifice: Your Guide To Living A More Fulfilled Life

This gift is designed to:

  • Clarify how you view success
  • Inspire your vision
  • Spark greater joy 
  • Guide you to a more powerful version of yourself

When you activate your success mindset, you experience more from life.


Live In Authentic Alignment With These 2 Simple Steps

What does it mean to live in authentic alignment?

It means that the way you’re living is congruent – or in harmony – with…

Your highest version of your Self.

Your truth.

Your values.

Your soul’s purpose. 

So, how do you live in authentic alignment?

A good place to start is to uncover your core values. These are the intentions you desire to live by. They guide your journey and shape who you are as a person. When you choose actions based on your core values, you are better able to align with your authentic self and experience greater joy, happiness, and success.

Take the time to determine what values are most important to you. Then, find ways to incorporate those values into your life. When you organize your day to reflect the values that are meaningful to you, alignment will follow. Here’s a simple way to identify your core values.

When you organize your day to reflect the values that are meaningful to you, alignment will follow. Click To Tweet

Step 1: Uncovering your core values

People you admire

Who do you look up to? If you were to switch lives with someone right now, who would you choose? Consider their qualities, such as perseverance, gregariousness, or kindness. What qualities resonate most with you? As you do this, be careful not to compare yourself with others. Merely reflect on and list the desirable values that they live by.     

Your past experiences

When were you most happy? Can you think back to a time in your life when you were truly at peace? Reflect on what made that moment great. What was at the root of that feeling of joy and contentment? Did you have a particular mindset at that time? Make a list of values that you believe you held at that moment. 

Your future self

Consider the values you’ve already written. How might they influence your future? Ask yourself who you truly want to be and embrace these values. If there’s something missing, a value that only your future self can elicit, add that to your list now.  

It’s possible that your list of beliefs and values may now be daunting. Select 3-5 core values that truly stand out. Attempting to live by too many values can complicate the alignment process.

Step 2: Incorporate your values daily

Ask yourself, is there congruence between your current daily routine and your personal values? If the answer is no, adjust your routine to mindfully align your daily actions with your values. Create an agenda and consider the following… 

Your long-term goals

Each day is an opportunity to take one step closer to being the person you envision. Be mindful of this as you move through your day. Align your long-term goals with your core values. And as you embody these values daily, you’ll begin to manifest your long-term goals. 

If one of your chosen values is kindness, your long-term goal might be to start a non-profit or raise awareness for a cause. As you move through the day embodying kindness, your actions align with your purpose.  

Experiencing joy daily

You’ll find that living your values brings daily doses of joy. If your chosen values truly align with your soul’s purpose, your actions will bring you a wonderful sense of fulfillment. 

If one of your core values is to mentor, then guiding others to experience growth and development may be what brings you daily joy.  

Living in alignment starts with your core values. By choosing mindful actions that align with these values, you find more joy and success in life. Click here to claim your complimentary Core Values Assessment: Aligning Your Core Values To Your Authentic Self and discover the core values that align best with your soul’s purpose. 

This assessment will help you:

  • Identify what gives you meaning
  • Prioritize your values
  • Live in alignment 
  • Experience greater joy

Identify and act on your core values to live in authentic alignment!

To Be Or NOT To Be: How To Connect

When you have a moment of pause, do you need to fill that space or can you merely allow yourself to BE?

You may not often have the gift of time for yourself. Perhaps a few minutes between tasks or an hour or two after work might be all your day allows. Yet it’s not how much time you have, but rather what you do with it. Being conscious of how you use your precious time is essential to your wellbeing. 

During a moment of pause, society’s inclination is to spend that time in front of a screen or creating urgent to-do lists. Your mind chooses this because it’s more comfortable and familiar than focusing on being present. 

However, when you allow yourself to be, without distraction, your mind has the chance to separate itself from life’s constant busyness. You have greater awareness of your emotions and more easily tap into your consciousness. Though disconnecting from distractions might be a challenge, learning to embrace the connection with your mind, body, and spirit will have you looking forward to those organic moments of pause. 

when you allow yourself to be, without distraction, your mind has the chance to separate itself from life’s constant busyness. You have greater awareness of your emotions and more easily tap into your consciousness Click To Tweet

The experience of these conscious moments enables you to gain new perspectives and discover greater fulfillment. 


How disconnection helps you connect 


Heightened Senses

When your mind is cleared of distractions, your senses become heightened to the things around you in the present moment. Maybe you notice a lingering smell from a nearby flower or the warmth of a passing breeze. Your heightened senses help you connect in the moment and encourage greater joy.  

Stronger Relationships

Disconnecting from life’s distractions allows for greater insight. This insight provides more clarity and understanding of your Self. As you connect more deeply with yourself, you’re able to love yourself more, which also reflects in your other relationships. 

Improved Focus

Engaging in mindful practices helps you manage intrusive thoughts and find a greater appreciation for stillness. These practices can help you recalibrate, so you have less mental chatter and improved focus.


The art of disconnection


Commit to a time

Whether it’s in the morning, after lunch, in the evening, or during the weekend, schedule a time to completely disconnect. Be aware that there’s a chance something can arise that needs to be addressed during your disconnection time. To fully commit to your connection time and avoid disruptions, turn off your phone, computer, and other electronics. Focus on your breath, meditate, journal, practice a mindful movement, or simply sit in stillness. A mere five minutes of connection each day can shift your mindset and provide greater joy.  

Commit to a place

It may be a place rather than a time that encourages you to disconnect. If you have a place to visit that gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself, go there often. If not, create one. A pleasant nook in your home or a spot in a nearby park could be the ideal place to practice BEing without distraction. Once you make these moments of BEing part of your daily life, your newly embraced mindset and the joy you feel will be more accessible in any location.         

Commit to the present

In the present moment, you can truly begin to connect with yourself. Mindful movements and journaling can be excellent doorways to the present. It doesn’t serve you to stress about yesterday’s challenges or tomorrow’s problems. Focus on what you’re feeling now. 

Learning to disconnect from distraction is important to your wellbeing. And, you can discover inner fulfillment during mindful moments of pause.   

For additional ways to connect with your Self, take a moment to evaluate the level of balance in your life. Click here to claim your free checklist, How To Achieve Balance In Your Life

This rebalance checklist can help you…

  • Identify your priorities
  • Organize your time
  • Embrace your wellbeing
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Experience greater joy

Discover greater inner fulfillment by connecting with your Self. 


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