Feeling unfulfilled?

Are you questioning whether you are truly on the path of your soul’s purpose?

Maybe it’s time to discover answers as you activate your inner voice.

Let’s talk about the difference between your inner voice and intuition. They are both considered forms of insight, yet they come to you in different ways. The inner voice is your consciousness speaking, whereas intuition comes from your unconscious. 

Your conscious mind defines your thoughts, actions, and conscious awareness. In comparison, your unconscious mind is the deep recesses of your past memories that acts like storage for your conscious mind. As needed, your unconscious then transfers relevant information to be used consciously. 

Your inner voice tends to be more accessible since it speaks through your conscious mind, as compared to tapping into your intuition through your unconscious mind, which can require more practice. 

As a high-achieving woman, you may feel that your success hasn’t brought you the fulfillment you had hoped for. Working long hours while sacrificing your well-being can elicit dissatisfaction with the quality of your life. 

To spark guidance that brings greater clarity and a more purposeful path, take steps to activate your inner voice. Evoking the knowledge and wisdom of your conscious mind is more pragmatic for decision-making, and your decisions no longer tend to feed your ego with the kind of success that comes through sacrifice. 

Instead, as you activate your inner voice, new ideas materialize and important decisions come with greater ease and fulfillment. Because, when you discover and embark on the path of your soul’s purpose, you also embrace a life with more meaning and joy.   

How to activate your inner voice in 3 steps 

Create space 

Give yourself the gift of space by encouraging stillness in your mind and body. As you rest into a feeling of calm, old fears and worries subside and new insight from your inner voice begins to emerge. Put time aside to practice the art of creating space in your mind-body through mindfulness – meditation, journaling, or yoga. Designing a vision board can also give greater clarity. 

Embrace insight 

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. You may be making excuses for continuing to head down a path that holds you back from a life of greater purpose and fulfillment. Are you willing to choose a different action? If so, focus on listening to your inner voice. Your insight may come through as an image or a thought. Trust and embrace whatever message you receive. Explore it. Ask questions such as, “Why did this message come through?” or “Does this idea connect with my values?” When your insight is activated, it evokes greater awareness of your reality and connects you more deeply with your spiritual Self—your higher Self or higher consciousness. This enables you to access a life of greater purpose and fulfillment. When you include your new insights in your vision board or write them in your journal, it can provide even more awareness of your soul’s purpose. 

Move with intention

Activating your inner voice can access ideas from a deeper level of awareness, yet it’s your actions that make these ideas a reality. Think about what motivates your actions. For example, when you act from a place of fear or pride, you disconnect from living your truth, which can create resistance in forward motion. However, when your intention aligns with your values, you access a smoother path to your soul’s purpose. As you activate your inner voice, your intentions become clearer, and you are able to move forward with greater ease and flow.  

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You activate your inner voice by creating space and clarity in your mind and body. As you embrace the insight that comes through, take intentional action toward it. 

Your inner voice brings more fulfillment by guiding you toward your soul’s purpose, which can lay the foundation for your legacy. Click here now for your free gift: What’s Your Legacy? 5 Ways To Leave Your Imprint On The World, and access your greater purpose. 

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Your soul’s purpose is waiting!

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