Affirmations: A Powerful Tool to Tame Your Inner Critic (Plus A Bonus: 5 Affirmations to Help You Stand Strong)

“That was dumb!”

“You can’t do anything right! What’s the matter with you?”

“What an idiot I am.”

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone! This is something I, too, used to struggle with. In fact, my critical self-talk contributed in a huge way to my burnout several years ago. But I brought myself back. That’s why I’m so committed to supporting you in overcoming your inner critic and creating the life you want. 

And if you have an inner critic that scolds, criticizes, and cuts you down all day long, you’ll want to keep reading. 

The Reason Negative Self-Talk Can Burn You Out

Quantum physicists have discovered that your thoughts and words create your reality, meaning that your negative self-talk physically impacts you. Especially if you take heed and believe it!

Quantum physicists have discovered that your thoughts and words create your reality, meaning that your negative self-talk physically impacts you. Share on X

Words carry energy and vibration, just like anything else. Harsh words and thoughts are the basis for disease and dis-harmony. When you criticize yourself and dwell in negativity, you trigger symptoms of stress such as physical and emotional exhaustion, forgetfulness, lack of focus, anxiety, depression, irritability, and anger… and you may eventually burn out. 

This is the bad news. But now let’s take a look at the good news.

This One Practice Can Reprogram Your Self-Talk

Happily, when you choose different words and thoughts, you also choose to create a different reality. This is why affirmations are so powerful for reprogramming negative self-talk. 

Affirmations are positive statements you intentionally repeat in order to affect your subconscious and conscious minds, and to support feelings of well-being. They also empower you. When used regularly, affirmations shift your mindset so you can overcome your negative self-talk and actually create the life you desire.

They work because your subconscious mind is 90% of your total mind; therefore, your subconscious has the greatest influence to bring about whatever it is you wish to create. And because your subconscious mind will never question new thoughts that you introduce into it, affirmations are the perfect way to replace limiting beliefs with more empowering ones. 

So let’s get your subconscious working for you rather than against you.

3 Essential Elements Of  Effective Affirmations

In order for affirmations to be as effective as possible for you, they need three key elements: 

  1. Say them in the present tense
  2. Say them out loud
  3. Connect them to the emotion

I’ll explain:

Say Affirmations in the Present Tense

In order for affirmations to work most effectively, they must be worded in the present tense because change only happens in the present. This ensures that your subconscious mind goes to work on them right away, and it is easier to generate the necessary emotions and visualizations that support your affirmations.

Say Affirmations Out Loud

Speak the affirmations out loud because the spoken vibration of the words more directly creates your new experiences. 

Connect Affirmations to the Emotion

Connect with the emotion of the words you’re speaking because the Universe responds to what you’re feeling and uses that to create your reality. When you read your affirmations out loud, allow yourself to feel the emotion attached to each, whether it’s excitement, gratitude, or another feeling. This way, it’s not just a mental activity; you truly embody the emotions inherent in each affirmation.

See how these three elements all reinforce each other to create a powerful affirmation?

5 Powerful Affirmations For You

To get you started, here are 5 powerful affirmations you can say to start creating the life you want. They are: 

  1. “I am powerful.”
  2. “I am a contribution to others by being my authentic self.”
  3. “I am beautiful and lovable, just as I am.”
  4. “I love the person who I am.”
  5. “I am worthy of receiving love and care from myself and others.”

Say them at least once daily, and preferably twice or more. Being consistent will enhance their effect. Read them out loud while tapping into your emotions and having fun with them. Fun is especially important! The more joy and fun you bring into every experience, the more you will attract joyful and fun things into your life.

Notice that these 5 affirmations are powerful because they are in the present tense. They are also most effective when you speak them out loud while connecting with the attached emotion.

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Affirmations Can Heal 

Positive affirmations can support you to heal on all levels: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. 

When you choose to be kinder and more loving to yourself by incorporating affirmations into your day, you’re supporting yourself to heal by becoming more mindful of what and how you want to do, be, and feel. You’ll be amazed by the healing that can occur when you take charge of that which is within your sphere of influence. 

We say some harsh things to ourselves. Sometimes, we berate ourselves over and over – causing us chronic stress that can lead to full-on burnout.

I encourage you to update your self-talk with more positive and empowering thoughts, in order to transform limiting beliefs into limitless ones.

What’s 1 of your favorite affirmations? Let me know in the blog comment section below.

Post YES below if you’re going to start using these affirmations today.

I look forward to hearing how affirmations support you to avoid burnout and create the life you desire.

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