The Busy Woman’s Guide To Meditative Living:

Being stress-free. 

Enjoying a life of ease. 

Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? 

Although as a successful, high-achieving woman, this might seem to conflict with the “reality” of your busy schedule. 

If “too busy” is your mantra, I encourage you to take on a new perspective. The mindset that enjoying a life of ease can be quite simple.  

I used to rush from one thing to the next, oblivious to the beauty of my life and surroundings. Though I made great strides in my professional life, my well-being was negatively impacted by my belief that I was “too busy” and needed to work hard to achieve. 

After reaching my breaking point, I experienced levels of fatigue that eventually led to immobilizing burnout. My struggle to overcome burnout merely aggravated my condition. So, I chose to embrace a different perspective… one of mindfulness. 

With my new approach of mindfulness, the practice of meditative living brought me greater ease and flow. My quality of life was also enriched through simple nuances that brought joy and inner peace to my Being. 

The key to mindfulness is to focus on the present moment and your breathing. When you adopt this perspective of mindfulness, ANY task can become a practice of meditative living.

Benefits of embracing a meditative life

Reduced stress and an invitation to calm 

When actions are done mindfully, you are focused on the present task. There’s no chaos in your mind from unwanted thoughts. This is because there’s no angst about the future, and no worry from the past, thus reducing stress and inviting calm into your body. 

Greater clarity

Intrusive thoughts no longer control your mind when you practice meditation during your daily actions. Simply breathing and focusing on the intention to mindfully be in the present allows you to see life more clearly.  

Increased happiness

With a mindful perspective, you become more aware of the presence of joy. You notice the harmonious sounds around you, the brightness of colors, the warmth of contentment, and the happiness of your Self and others. Gratitude is increasingly more present in a meditative life.  

How to embrace a meditative life

  • Slow down

As you approach tasks, don’t rush. Do them intentionally. Don’t think of what is next or what happened before. If you find your mind jumping ahead to the next task, take a breath and bring yourself back to the present moment. 

  • Observe

Take time to notice the details of the moment. A cool breeze blowing through the window as you work, the precision in which your pen writes, or the joyous laughter from your colleagues down the hall. Honor what makes each moment unique. 

  • Be Grateful

Appreciate the moment. Be thankful to the people in your life who offer support. Acknowledge and give thanks for the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and the roof over your head. Expressing gratitude for even the smallest things invites greater joy and ease into your life.

Expressing gratitude for even the smallest things invites greater joy and ease into your life. Share on X

Turning tasks into meditative practices 


Sometimes we must complete a less desirable task. Approaching each task with a mindful, meditative perspective gives it a new brilliance. Take note of the details of your surroundings while you work. Perhaps the air is warm against your skin or a bird sings a song in the distance. Light a candle so a pleasant aroma enhances your workspace or open a window to let the breeze in. Take notice of what can make the moment more enjoyable. 


Not everyone loves to cook. Especially after a long day, cooking might be the last thing you want to do. However, turning this potentially unappealing task into a meditative practice can set you free from the ‘obligation’. Put on music, breathe, and savor the enticing aromas. Enjoy the warm dishwater on your hands as you tidy up, and be grateful for the delicious meal. 

Social interaction

Social interaction can be taxing at times. It might feel like an obligation to make time for a friend or family when you have a lot on your plate. When you can approach this interaction as a meditative practice, it shifts your perspective to one of gratitude for that relationship. Slow down, take time to listen, and be present. This allows you to appreciate and truly enjoy each moment with them. 


Self-Care is vital to our well-being. However, it can often be regarded as another ‘to do’. When you practice self-care, truly immerse yourself. This is your time, embrace it fully. 

No matter how busy you are, being intentional and mindful allows you to embrace life with a new perspective. Meditative living can be simple, bringing ease and joy to everyday tasks. 

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A life of ease and joy starts with your mindset. Is it time for a change in perspective? 

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