Mini Personal Habits: 6 Ways to Break the Burnout Cycle and Embrace Greater Ease

Are you wondering if there’s more to life than feeling overwhelmed?

Do you desire more space because your schedule is packed?

Is stress affecting your health and relationships?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re not alone. Sometimes, it feels like you’re stuck in a cycle of overworking yourself, coping with the signs of burnout, and praying for relief. When you’re trapped in the cycle for long enough, your motivation wanes, your relationships become strained, and your performance suffers.

You want to create positive change, but chances are, you won’t break the cycle overnight.

Still, you can create mini changes one day at a time. 

One small habit at a time.

Last month, we talked about letting go of the things that weigh you down:

This week is different. Instead of sharing what to let go, I’m sharing mini personal habits that you can embrace. When you practice these habits for long enough, you do more than exit the burnout cycle — you claim a life of greater ease.

The Power of Habits

When you form personal mini habits, you’re not just adding something else to your to-do list. You’re becoming a more resilient version of who you are.

For example, waking up 30 minutes earlier to do something that benefits you on a physical, mental, or spiritual level is more than just getting out of bed early. When you create this habit, you’re becoming someone who cares deeply about herself.

James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, shares the relationship between habits and identity. “Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become,” Clear wrote. “No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your new identity.”

In other words, one day will hardly make a difference. But weeks of faithfully practicing your habits can manifest the incredible and beautiful changes you desire. While each woman’s goals may vary, the following six habits will lead you to greater joy and ease.

6 Personal Habits to Practice Daily for More Joy and Ease In Your Life

#1 Have A Morning Practice

While the world sleeps, use this time to tune into your body. Before fulfilling what other people ask of you, first listen to what your mind and body ask of you. Share on X

Before calls, texts, emails, and children beg for your attention, the morning offers a moment for silence and reflection. While the world sleeps, use this time to tune into your body. Before fulfilling what other people ask of you, first listen to what your mind and body ask of you. Their request might be physical, like more water and sleep. Or it might be emotional, like a deep and heartfelt conversation with a close friend.

A morning practice looks different for everyone, yet it need not be complicated. The following activities can help you tap into your inner dialogue:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Prayer
  • Reading
  • Walking outside

Each of the above activities will strengthen your mind and body over time. Each morning you choose to fulfill upon your practice, you’ll feel a little more grounded and balanced. This resilience enables you to maintain a positive mindset throughout the day, which provides the opportunity to move closer to achieving your goals with joy and ease. 

#2 Set An Alarm For Bedtime

Alarms aren’t just for waking up. You can also set an alarm for when it’s time to get ready for bed.

When following a morning practice, don’t make the mistake of sacrificing quality sleep. When your sleep suffers, you feel tired, irritable, and unmotivated. Getting adequate sleep — 7 to 8 hours — will keep you energized and motivated as you pursue your goals.

Making your sleep a priority is one way to love and honor your body. Just as your morning alarm tells you when to get up, your evening alarm reminds you that you can rejuvenate your body by preparing for a restful night’s sleep.

#3 Name 5 Things You’re Grateful For

Manifesting more joy in your life begins with acknowledging the blessings that already exist.

The bare minimum you need to survive is food, water, and shelter. Anything beyond this is a gift. Whether it’s nutrition, shelter, a healthy family or good friends, these things are all worth acknowledgment and appreciation.

Each day, pause for a few seconds.

Think of 5 things that you’re grateful for at this very moment. Then express your appreciation by saying aloud, “I am grateful for ______.” 

I’ll share 5 things I’m grateful for right now: “I am grateful for my loving family, my cuddly cat, my comfortable home, my caring friends, and my fabulous mentors and coaches.”

Even during times of overwhelm, there is still much to appreciate. This daily gratitude practice will remind you to be joyful in the present while being open to receive the abundance yet to come.

#4 Reach Out And Connect

Powerful support systems contribute to a life full of love, warmth, and joy.

But we sometimes take the people we cherish for granted.

The truth is that our loved one won’t always be there. Our time on this physical plane is finite. 

These recent months of self-isolation may have distanced you from those special people. It’s time to rebuild those bridges.

Take advantage of every moment you can to reach out and connect.

Time may feel insufficient, but love and joy can be infinite. Manifest both of these in your life through the relationships you keep. A simple text message or a phone call is all you need to keep those support systems strong. 

#5 Eat A Home-cooked Meal

Your body is something else you might be taking for granted.

The time spent sheltered at home may have had you ordering take-out or delivery more often than is healthy. To show your body more appreciation, start feeding it delicious and nutritious foods.

Head to the grocery store and pull out your kitchen apron. Or, if you’re like me and want someone else to do the legwork, sign up for one of the meal delivery services that provide all the ingredients. Then, all you have to do is put the meal together. Eating a healthy home-cooked meal (don’t skip the vegetables!) will build the daily habit of respecting your body.

Your body will reward you with more energy, a sharper mind, and brighter skin over time. And as you enjoy this increased vitality and desire, you will manifest your vision with greater ease.

#6 Step Outside

While many non-essential businesses are reopening, many gyms remain closed.

Fortunately, you don’t need a gym to get your steps in.

You can step outside, feel the warm sunshine, and breathe in the fresh air — all without the price of a monthly gym membership.

According to Lifehacker, stepping outside can also promote mindfulness and reduce stress. “When things get overwhelming, as they so often do nowadays,” they wrote, “putting on a pair of comfortable shoes and going for a short walk—while maintaining proper physical distancing of course—can help bring a little calm to a chaotic world.” 

This can be especially true if you’re working from home. Leaving your home to embrace the outdoors can bring much-needed separation from stress triggered by your work-from-home environment.

Don’t Let Overwhelm Block You From Your Best Life

2020 hardly feels like living your best life. Coping with COVID-19 and social injustice introduced new challenges and stressors that may reinforce the burnout cycle.

Yet you don’t have to postpone inner peace to 2021 and beyond. These daily habits teach you that even small actions, when done daily, can introduce powerful and long-lasting change — change that will create more joy and ease in your life.

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