Have you been experiencing an urge to reevaluate your beliefs or reprioritize your life?

Are you searching for something, but you’re not sure what?

Do you crave more meaning and purpose?

You could be experiencing a spiritual awakening. 

Simply stated, a spiritual awakening signifies the start of your journey on a spiritual path. It can be described as a profound shift in consciousness that expands your worldview and mindset. You are waking up from ego-centered life and questioning previously held beliefs, habits, and societal norms that don’t serve your highest good. It’s the difference between being on auto-pilot versus being fully aware of your course. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about spiritual awakening:

Why am I having a spiritual awakening? In a nutshell, your soul decided you were ready to wake up. Your soul has been evolving and expanding, and it’s time for you to reconnect with your true nature.

What activates a spiritual awakening? It can be triggered by many things and happen at any time of your life. Spiritual awakenings can be spontaneous or they can be caused by life-changing events, such as the death of a loved one, a serious illness, a divorce, a car crash, or a myriad of other things.

What are the benefits of a spiritual awakening? An awakening brings a better understanding of yourself and how you are connected with others and the universe. You begin to realize that true fulfillment and happiness can’t come from outside you and that it’s found within. You perceive the human experience in a whole new way, craving a more meaningful existence that makes you feel whole. As you learn how to activate your innate power and accept what is, you discover greater flow and increased joy, grace, and wisdom. Life becomes easier. 

How long does a spiritual awakening last? Spiritual awakening is not a destination; it is a life-long journey. The process is complex and varies for each individual, ranging from calm to chaotic in intensity.

What does a spiritual awakening look like? There are 7 stages of spiritual awakening. It’s important to note that this is not a linear process that moves from A to Z. It is quite common to move back and forth between the stages. As well, you will most likely experience periods of ebb and flow in your evolution.  


The Evolving Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

Stage 1: Feeling Lost

You experience confusion, disconnection, and unhappiness with your life. Nothing makes sense. You no longer feel like you. There’s an emptiness, like something is missing within you. It may seem as if a rug has been pulled out from underneath you. 

Stage 2: Shifting Perspectives

As you become more awake and aware, you begin to perceive life, society, and the world in a different way. What was once accepted without question is critically examined. You see through the illusions and realize that many of your values and beliefs are inherited from other people. This period can be unsettling, as it challenges the foundations of your identity.

Stage 3: Seeking

You start asking questions like: “Who am I?”, “What’s the meaning of life?”, and “What is my purpose?” As a result, you begin to look at metaphysical and personal development resources for answers. You desire to be alone, possibly losing touch with friends and family as you become more introspective. 

Stage 4: Finding

Through soul searching, you find teachers and practices that resonate with you. Your desire for truth and authenticity leads to the dissolution of old patterns that no longer serve you. You have glimpses of who you truly are. 

Stage 5: Disillusionment

You become tired of the teachers and practices that once spoke to you and look for something deeper. If you had the experience of connection with the Divine, it can be normal to be separated again during this stage. However, your craving for deep connection and spiritual transformation motivates you to go in search of more.

Stage 6: Inner Work

Your desire to deeply understand who you are is the impetus for you to seriously dive into inner work and soul work. You may immerse yourself in practices that call to you, like mindfulness, meditation, shadow work, inner child work, and other metaphysical modalities. 

Stage 7: Integration

You consciously apply the spiritual lessons you’ve learned, from your inner and soul work, into your daily life. This is where you experience the most lasting transformation. You’ll feel greater depths of connection, peace, joy, love, and alignment with all there is. And you may desire to use this wisdom to help others. 


Tools & Practices to Aid Your Journey

Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation is the cornerstone of many spiritual practices. By quieting the mind, you can tap into deeper levels of consciousness and understanding. Mindfulness or focusing on the present moment, helps ground you, calm your thoughts, and cultivate a balanced perspective.

Journaling & Expressive Art

Documenting your spiritual journey can be therapeutic. Journaling offers a way to process and reflect. Expressive art acts as a medium to convey complex emotions and insights, which can help bridge the gap between your soul and the external world.

Spiritual Guides & Healing

Seeking guidance from spiritual teachers or healers can be invaluable. Whether it’s through literature, seminars, or one-on-one sessions, their wisdom can offer clarity and direction during the ongoing journey of your spiritual awakening. 


My Experience With Spiritual Awakening

My spiritual awakening was activated by just about every life-changing event that I mentioned above. It began to unfold between July 1994 and August 1996. Over the course of two years, I experienced the loss of two friends to cancer, the mugging and death of my father, a move from New York to Florida, the selling of my successful financial planning business to partner in a new company, the dissolution of the new company, a new job, a divorce, and a car crash that triggered fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and post-traumatic stress. 

If you’ve seen The Matrix, like Neo I was offered both the blue pill and the red pill. If I had taken the blue pill, I would have remained asleep and unaware. Instead, I chose the red pill and spiritual awakening. Looking back at my Dark Night of the Soul experience, I will admit that it’s not a journey for the faint of heart. 

Since that time, I have experienced all seven stages of spiritual awakening more than once. As I mentioned above, this is not a linear process and so I move back and forth between the stages multiple times. There were also periods of ebb and flow in my evolution. Sometimes, I took two steps forward and one step back; other times, one step forward and two steps back. 

Yet, it was all worth it! Going through the process of spiritual awakening is unlike anything I could have imagined. I would never have thought that my spiritual journey would include becoming a certified life coach, certified master coach and assistant trainer of Accelerated Evolution, a spiritual counselor, and a doctor of metaphysics. My spiritual awakening has been deeply profound, and I would do it all over again…except, now I have the tools to do it more quickly and less painfully.

Are you having your own spiritual awakening, on the verge of experiencing an awakening, or desiring to experience an awakening? If you would like some insight, support, and guidance along the way, click here and request a complimentary discovery session.  

Welcome the call of your soul. Embrace each stage, tool, and insight of awakening, knowing they’re guiding you towards your most authentic self.

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