Setting intentions and affirming them daily energizes and aligns you with what you deeply desire in life.

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20 of My Favorite Affirmations

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If you are a high-achieving, successful woman, you know you can be your own worst critic. Affirmations, also known as positive self-talk, can inspire you to fulfill your intentions and reinvent your life with passion and purpose.

Use this gift to start your habit of reciting affirmations daily. You may change my favorite affirmations to positive self-talk that resonates with your own values. Change your affirmations as needed to support your current intentions.

Use these affirmations to:

  • Realign your thoughts with your deepest desires
  • Motivate and energize yourself
  • Cultivate positive energy to accomplish more
  • Transform limiting beliefs into limitless opportunities
  • Live your life to the fullest

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20 of My Favorite Affirmations

Use affirmations to reinvent your life.

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