The Choice Between Personal Growth or Status Quo: Which Will It Be?

When you are faced with a decision, there are two basic options: the choice for growth, which moves you forward, or the choice for comfort, which keeps you contained.

The comfortable choice gives you a sense of safety. It’s familiar. And, since you are already there, you know the end result. 

This brilliant quotation is commonly misattributed to Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” 

Regardless of who said it, the point of this statement is this: Until you choose to do something different, the end result will remain the same. You don’t grow in status quo.

The choice for growth activates your adrenaline. It’s unfamiliar.  Each time you choose to act in a way that moves you forward, the outcome tends to be unknown. 

So… which option do you choose?

Though the safety of the comfortable choice can be appealing, it can also leave you feeling stagnant. 

When you choose to do something different, you invite in new opportunities and enhance your personal growth. And, it can be uncomfortable.

Just the thought of change can cause a shift in your cortisol levels, potentially creating discomfort or fear about what may come next. This can hold you back from taking action, if you let it. However, moving through these emotions can actually benefit your growth. 

As you begin to identify these feelings of discomfort or fear as indicators of personal growth, you learn that this is a normal aspect of choosing to leave the status quo behind. You have the ability to shift from fearing uncertainty to being excited and empowered by the unknown.

Taking steps toward your higher vision leads you to new life experiences. Transforming fear into excitement allows you to lean into new levels of personal growth and guides you on your evolutionary journey to your higher purpose.  

5 ways to kick the status quo to the curb

  • Break routine

Is your daily routine set in stone? Challenge yourself to do things differently. Make a list detailing your average day and notice if you could ignite a spark by adding something new or replacing something that’s become tiresome. A slight shift in your routine might provide the foundation for a new endeavor. 

  • Learn a new skill 

Build your self-confidence and resilience. A new skill is not merely another asset, it can open you up to other avenues for expansion in your professional and personal life. Register for a class or try something new, even if you’re hesitant. Remember that there’s no downside to learning.  

  • Expand your world

Your world has mostly likely shrunk as a result of Covid-19. It was safer to stay home, so containment became the new normal. This made it challenging to grow in many ways. With the world opening up once again, make an effort to give an extra 20 minutes to your daily walk, take a weekend trip to someplace new, or invite your neighbor to lunch. New places, new people, and new choices are great ways to welcome a more expanded world. 

  • Embrace creativity

Choose to express yourself on other levels. A creative endeavor is not only fun, it usually involves venturing into the unknown. Whether it’s painting a wall red, joining a salsa class, or cooking a new dish, a creative pursuit can be great fun and also open up doors to new opportunities for personal growth.  

  • Be true to your Self

Be genuine in how you communicate; whether expressing your emotions by writing in your journal or having a difficult, yet sincere conversation with someone. Being true to your Self can be uncomfortable, yet it evokes growth within you and your relationships. 

Yes, making a choice for change may elicit feelings of discomfort or fear. At these times, invite your courage to guide you forward so you may accelerate your evolution.

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Leave the status quo in the dust. The choice for personal growth will lead you on the path to the highest version of your Self.

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