When was the last time you bounded out of bed excited to see what the day would bring? Or felt gratitude for the abundance of well-being in your life?

And how about laughing with friends until tears streamed down your face and you were gasping for breath?

If the answers to these questions don’t come easily, you might be experiencing a loss of enjoyment that’s one of the signs of burnout. 

When you’ve lost your joy, it’s like you’re in an extended period of mourning – although it’s not entirely clear what you’re grieving.

You feel listless. All the world’s vibrant colors and textures have sludged into a grey mist. People who care about you entice you to activities they think you’ll enjoy. But your response is “Meh”.

I’m here to tell you: it’s not your fault! Burnout has got you in its grip.

Life Is Meant To Be Joyful But Burnout Can Sabotage It

You weren’t born to have a parched, dusty life as though you’re slogging through the desert with only a few far flung oases of momentary happiness.

Life is meant to be joyful! You were born to discover what you love; to delight in the things that bring you satisfaction and which fill you with a sense of purpose. Share on X

Life is meant to be joyful! You were born to discover what you love; to delight in the things that bring you satisfaction and which fill you with a sense of purpose. But if you haven’t yet discovered what fulfills and satisfies you, you could easily become burned out and joyless when your days lack a sense of purpose.

So if you’re mired in unhappiness, despairing of ever feeling purposeful and optimistic again, let’s take a look at what can help you overcome burnout and regain your joy.

6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Your Joy Is Gone

Losing your enjoyment of life can often make you feel like you want to escape to something better. The problem is, there are no guarantees that your new circumstances will be any more joyful or fulfilling.

Zero in on that feeling of wanting to escape. When you dig underneath the feeling, you’ll uncover some clues to your burnout-related loss of enjoyment.

To start, I recommend you take time to ask and answer these questions:

  1. Do you want to take a break or go on vacation to get away from something specific?
  2. What do you love most about your life?
  3. What do you want to remove from your life? 
  4. How do you like to recharge your energy? 
  5. Is there any regular activity or event that you enjoy?
  6. What gives you a sense of purpose?

Once you answer these, you’ll see that one overarching way to bring yourself back from  burnout is pretty simple: commit to doing what you love, and what’s important to you. 

Now let’s break that down into some specific actions.

How To Put The Joy Back In Your Life And Move Past Burnout

#1 Schedule what’s important to you

Put whatever is important to you in your calendar be it a massage, some alone time, or having dinner delivered. Treat these activities with the same respect you give to other events like meetings or your kids’ activities. Think of them as checkpoints or life-savers – because they are. They’re your own unique ways to care for yourself.

Any time you start to feel overwhelmed, you can examine your calendar and reassure yourself that you don’t have to stretch yourself thin for long. You simply need to get to the next checkpoint. 

#2 Book at least one daily period of rejuvenation time

Even a 15-minute pause in the middle of your day will help revitalize you. Put a short block of time in your calendar at least once a day. It may not seem like much, but knowing you have even one period per day for downtime will help you feel refreshed along with taking the time to recharge.

#3 Reschedule your self-care session if you must miss it

I know. Life happens and sometimes you may not be able to keep your self-care appointments. For example, if you know you’ll be traveling, be sure to plan ahead and reserve a self-care spot in your calendar for immediately after your scheduled return.

#4 Adjust your self-care activities as necessary

Your needs will change over time as your life changes. Keep in touch with yourself through the changes to understand what will best nurture you. Perhaps a treat such as a pedicure is no longer as rewarding as it was, but a workout at the gym would be perfect. Change it! Do what is right for you at your stage of life.

#5 Sign up for a complimentary “Break Free From Burnout” consultation with me 

This session is the perfect way to give yourself extra nurturing and support. In this 60-minute consultation you’ll:

  • Get simple and practical tips for how to break free from your burnout symptoms
  • Create a clear and compelling vision of the burnout-free life you want
  • Tap into greater energy and inspiration
  • Explore how having a partner on your journey will provide a shortcut to all that you desire.

Click here now to get your complimentary “Break Free From Burnout” consultation.

Let’s Get Your Joy Back!

A lot of people who read posts like this smile, nod their head in agreement, and implement precisely zero of these tips. 

But not you. You know wisdom that’s not put into practice is wasted. That’s why you’ve already made a commitment to care for yourself, and to re-infuse joy into your life.

On their own, none of these self-care tips will catapult you to wellness. But each of them, little by little, will help bring you back from burnout and re-ignite your happiness.

So, are you ready to be joyful? Are you ready to go from burned out to balanced?

Then it’s time to start caring for yourself.

P.S. You don’t have to do this alone. Sign up for my free From Burnout to Balance 7-Day Self-Love Challenge. During these 7 days, we’ll look at what’s really going on beneath the signs of burnout and I’ll give you simple strategies for how to turn things around so you can get on the path towards balance and enjoying your life (again). 

If you’re ready to break out of the burnout cycle and desire to be…

  • Relaxed and confident, knowing you’re tending to the most important priorities
  • Energized, clear and focused
  • Calm, easy-going and peaceful
  • Sleeping like a baby and waking up rested
  • Engaged, inspired and passionate about your life 

Join me by clicking here to sign up for my next From Burnout to Balance 7-Day Self-Love Challenge. It’s Free!


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