2020 is a dramatic shift from the daily life you knew just one year ago. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe all the challenges we’ve had to overcome in only a few months…

Experiencing a pandemic. Sheltering-in-place. Wearing masks. Navigating heightened awareness of racial tensions.   

In response to the adversities we’ve faced this year, we’re undergoing what clinical psychologist William Richard Miller calls quantum change. Quantum change is “a vivid, surprising, benevolent, and enduring personal transformation.” In response to recent events, this change is evolving our consciousness and revealing new possibilities for ourselves and for society.

Within those possibilities is a more empowered you. 

Yes, you’ve been hard at work as a mother, a career woman, and a partner. You push yourself to limits trying to grow your career and provide for your family. Yet, you burn out in the process.

What about you and providing for your well-being?

Quantum change is creating a mindset shift:

  • You can still pursue self-development without burning yourself out. 
  • You can share love and compassion with the people around you and express it to yourself. 
  • You can still fulfill upon your list of priorities while putting YOU at the top of that list. 

Let’s explore how quantum change is empowering you to uplevel and care for yourself and the effect it has on the world. 

Why Self-Development is the Path Forward

It might not be the answer you were expecting. You might even think it selfish — with all that’s happening in the world, why focus on YOURSELF?

Yet hear me out.

Self-development is the catalyst for positive change in the world. In his book Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod wrote, “Our outer world will always be a reflection of our inner world. Our level of success is always going to parallel our level of personal development.”

What does he mean?

It means that the impact you have on the world will reflect the efforts you put into growing yourself. After you nurture and manifest your gifts, you can share them with others. Gifts like deep compassion and an abundance mindset can be shared with your loved ones, your community, and even your country.

But what happens when you fail to make YOU a priority?

The Dangers of Neglecting Yourself

You already know.

  • You suffer signs of burnout.
  • Life feels overwhelming.
  • You feel isolated and disempowered.
  • Every day is a struggle just to get things done.
  • Your potential goes unrealized.

Have you ever heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

In his Hierarchy of Needs, Maslow discusses what it takes to reach self-actualization — the peak of human experience.  The foundations of that pyramid are securing your basic physiological needs (food and water), feeling safe in your environment, and cultivating reliable support systems.

Yet, in these uncertain times, you might feel vulnerable at all levels.

If you’re a woman of color, you might fear for your safety due to recent racially-charged tragedies. If you were laid off due to business shutdowns, you might worry about providing for your family. And the time you spent in quarantine might have led you to experience loneliness and isolation.

Times are challenging, I know. But all is not lost. 

Cultivating a sanctuary of self-love and self-acceptance within yourself teaches you to embrace yourself as you are. And if you need any help to feel confidence and love in your own skin, support is available if you ask.

Create Quantum Change By Prioritizing YOU

The power to change your environment begins with creating positive change within yourself. Share on X

Recent events have confirmed my worldview — the power to change your environment begins with creating positive change within yourself. Before I could properly support and empower other women, I had to start with supporting and empowering MYSELF. 

This is why I became a Certified Accelerated Evolution coach — to inspire women to break through their mental and emotional blocks with greater ease and to more fully own their power, the same way I used these tools to help myself. 

Do you feel guilty about taking time for yourself? Do you judge yourself because you know you can somehow summon the resources to work another hour, do another task, or pursue another project?

I certainly did.

This emotional and mental block can be difficult to identify and dissolve, because striving — even if it means burning out in the process — seems like a virtue.

Yes, self-development can mean putting in the work, yet it also means taking time to rest. Because your potential to manifest your gifts and share them with the world also relies on the care and attention you put into your well-being.

The positive change you desire in your outer world springs from the well of abundance and compassion you cultivate within yourself.

So, start there. 

Start with caring and loving YOU.

Are you ready to lessen your struggle and choose ease in all areas of your life?

Quantum change is creating a mindset shift that reminds us: self-care isn’t negotiable.

Self-development is the path forward, yet it doesn’t have to mean achieving your goals at the risk of your health. You can manifest the change you desire by prioritizing self-love, self-care, and balance.

When you’re truly ready to make this shift in your life, sign up for a Complimentary 60-minute “Breakthrough Struggle to Claim Ease” Discovery Session with me.

In this 60-minute consultation, you’ll:

  • Reveal a clear and compelling vision of what else is possible for your life when you’re no longer struggling and are enjoying your life again
  • Get simple and practical tips for how to break free from your symptoms of overwhelm
  • Tap into greater ease, energy and inspiration 
  • Explore how having a partner on your journey will provide a shortcut to all that you desire.

As I mentioned previously, Accelerated Evolution changed my life and it can change yours too. In October, I will let  you know of an opportunity where you can experience these tools firsthand. So stay tuned…

And in the meantime, if you’re ready to find out how these tools can help you now, click here to schedule your complimentary “Breakthrough Struggle to Claim Ease” Discovery Session with me.

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