Self-worth is the bedrock of personal development. It’s what empowers you to change your circumstances. Self-worth is what reminds you that you are worthy of manifesting and claiming the life you desire.

As a high-achieving and ambitious woman, you’re working hard. You set high standards for yourself and create incredible goals.

However, you might fall into the trap of tying your self-worth to those external achievements.

I can’t feel worthy until I get that job promotion.

I’ll finally feel worthy once I hit my goal weight.

If I could somehow match my lifestyle to hers, I’ll feel better about myself.

These are some of the things you might tell yourself every day when you step on the scale or even scroll through social media.

And if you fall short, you doubt your self-worth. You question your ability. And when this happens…

  • You struggle with recognizing your strengths
  • You give too much of yourself in your relationships
  • You lower the bar on your goals and dreams
  • You get caught in the trap of comparing yourself to others

And yet, your self-worth has nothing to do with external forces. There is already inherent beauty and value within you. 

Imagine tapping into that inner value and using it to drive you forward? It could reduce all the doubt, uncertainty and friction preventing you from achieving the life you desire! Following the tips in this article will empower you to recognize and embrace your self-worth so you can claim a life of greater love, joy, and ease.

What is Self-Worth?

Seeing your self-worth is having the ability to value yourself. You recognize your strengths and your weaknesses and know deep down that you are worthy. You can tell yourself:

I have value. I am worthy of love. I am deserving of joy and ease.

As I mentioned earlier, self-worth isn’t tied to any external object or your immutable characteristics. But people mistakenly believe that self-worth is measured against the following criteria:

  • Appearance
  • Money
  • Status
  • Career success
  • Youth
  • Intellect

Imagine tying your self-worth to youth. Your self-worth would fluctuate daily, diminishing over time!

While some of the criteria above may be your personal priorities, none of them are essential for you to embrace your inherent self-worth.

Self-Worth vs. Self-Esteem

Self-worth and self-esteem are similar with some key differences.

Self-esteem easily shifts. Your low self-esteem might dip on a bad hair day and then skyrocket that same afternoon after nailing a presentation.

Self-worth runs deeper. It is profound and unflinching.

Self-worth is understanding every moment that your existence holds value, regardless of external changes or your present circumstances.

Self-worth is understanding every moment that your existence holds value, regardless of external changes or your present circumstances. Share on X

When you have a bad day, that’s all there is to it. You don’t blame yourself. You don’t wonder if you deserved it. You don’t question your worth.

You just had a bad day.

That’s the beauty of knowing your self-worth. They act like tree roots and keep you out of your self-imposed mind games and grounded in reality.

So, how do you recognize the foundation of self-worth that upholds you?

How to Tap Into the Self-Worth That Resides Within You

1. Imagine Taking Everything Away

Imagine everything was taken away from you — money, power, relationships, accomplishments.

All of it.


Strip away the accessories and laurels and what is left?


See, self-worth is about recognizing the value already present within you. Take away the glamor, wash off the makeup, and you find yourself.

Look at yourself as you are in this moment — not who you try to be or who you want to be.

Now, reflect on your unique strengths.

Do you have the boldness to try new things? Do you have an intense drive to love and provide for your family? Did you embody resilience and adapt to shifting circumstances during this crazy year?

You already have so many gifts. Your mind, voice, and characteristics all define who you are. And each of these things has inherent and incredible value.

When you know your self-worth, you don’t need wealth or any other external measurement to confirm it.

You are beautiful and worthy just as you are.

2. Don’t Let Your Weaknesses Define You

Every woman has strengths. And every woman has weaknesses.

No woman is perfect.

Yet, you might be trying to achieve some unrealistic standard and when you fall short, you feel like you’re lacking. You blame yourself and if you can just overcome these weaknesses, you can finally feel worthy.

This leads you to over-focus on everything you believe to be wrong with yourself. And when you define yourself by everything you aren’t, you lose sight of everything you are. In your pursuit for perfection, you forget about your self-worth.

Including verbal affirmations in your daily rituals can remind you of the incredible woman you are. 

The trick to affirmations that work is to personalize them to counter an internalized belief you want to dissolve.

For example, let’s say your internalized belief is that you’re unworthy because your weaknesses are holding you back.

An affirmation you could say aloud is, “I am worthy. I possess strengths and gifts that enable me to achieve the life I desire.”

Your self-worth is already stirring within you. Sometimes, a verbal affirmation is the reminder you need to recognize it.

3. Reclaim Your Power

When you cannot recognize your self-worth, it is because you surrendered your power.

It didn’t happen overnight. It happened in several small actions throughout the years.

  • When you chose to stay late at the office instead of being with your family.
  • When you chose to skip your morning routine to lounge in bed and scroll through your phone.
  • When you chose to stay silent even though you wanted to speak up for your values.

Do you know what all these actions have in common?

They don’t honor your needs and priorities. 

And each time you don’t honor your needs, you give away your power. You tell yourself that you don’t matter. That you’re not worthy of being loved and cared for.

Eventually, you lose sight of your self-worth.

So, what’s the solution?

Make self-care non-negotiable.

Self-care is about sticking to your priorities and honoring them each day. It’s about setting a bedtime so you have enough energy to fulfill your priorities for the next day. It’s about taking time off for your body to rejuvenate itself.

Self-care not only helps you recognize your self-worth — it helps you nurture it. And when you finally make yourself a priority again, you reclaim the power you gave away over the years.

4. Know That You’re Enough

You might be measuring yourself against what you feel you should be — whether it’s expectations imposed by society, your friends and family, or yourself. When you judge that you have not met that standard, you feel like you’re not enough.

And when you hear a statement like “you’re perfect the way you are”,  you believe it to be untrue.

However, here’s what you may be missing… 

Recognizing your self-worth and having strong ambitions aren’t mutually exclusive.

You can feel worthy as you are in this moment while still moving forward in your personal development journey.

 When you can accept this truth, you’ll be able to celebrate how worthy you are of living the life you desire.


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