Do 5-Minute Self-Care Practices actually work?

Yes! Here’s why…

Self-care is essential to your physical, mental, and spiritual health. It’s a misconception that self-care must be a time-consuming act of luxury. The reality is that self-care is any mindful practice that helps you maintain or improve your well-being. This could be as simple as a focused breath of fresh air in between daily tasks.

Neglecting self-care provides an opportunity for stress and anxiety to build. This could cause forgetfulness, difficulty sleeping, frustration, inability to focus, and an overall lack of joy. As a high-performing woman, you may have a tendency to over-work yourself to the point of exhaustion. This is what happened to me. I continuously prioritized my career over my personal needs and put off self-care until I reached burnout.       

After reaching this detrimental, de-mobilizing state, I recognized how crucial it was to be in balance. I began to practice sustainable habits, such as 5-minute self-care routines, in order to build a foundation that honored my essential needs. This helped reduce stress and overwhelm, while increasing my ability to stay focused and motivated. As a result, I was able to achieve greater success, while maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

If you have the mindset that you’re too busy to practice self-care, give yourself the gift of 5-minute self-care practices throughout the day and notice the surprising benefits to your well-being. You’ll be able to sustain great success without sacrificing life balance.

Self-Care In 5 Minutes Or Less 

Put Your Feet Up

Put down your phone and avoid distractions. Enjoy 5 minutes of rest with your feet up to reset your day. This improves circulation and recharges the body.

Focus On Your Breath

The simple act of mindful breathing can help you reconnect and focus your thoughts. A breath can invite self-awareness and calm the body. Count your inhales and exhales, noticing where the breath moves within your body. If you combine mindful breathing with other self-care practices, it helps release stress more quickly and enhances relaxation.

State Affirmations Aloud

Remind yourself how amazing you are by taking 5 minutes to state affirmations such as, “I am worthy of receiving love and care” and “I love the person that I am”. Speaking affirmations aloud is a great way to boost your confidence and improve your mental health.

Have A Laugh

It may not be easy to laugh on cue. However, you can evoke laughter by watching a 5-minute clip of your favorite comedian or funny animal videos. You could also contemplate a memory of a funny moment you shared with a friend or connect with a loved one who brings a smile to your face. Laughter instantly improves your mood and is a great way to care for your physical, mental, and spiritual health.  

Tidy Your Environment

Your environment is an extension of your Self. When you care for your space, it’s also an act of self-care. Take 5 minutes to organize clutter, water your plants, or dust a few shelves. This can brighten your space and your day. 

Enjoy A Hot Drink

Calm your senses and warm your soul with a hot mug of tea, coffee, or lemon water. Ingesting warm liquids boosts your energy while giving you a sense of comfort. This is healing for the mind, body, and spirit. 

Write In A Journal

Writing down what’s present in your mind helps you check in with your emotions. In addition, journaling harmonizes your subconscious and conscious thoughts. This is a great way to improve your spiritual health and connect with your higher Self.  

Make A Gratitude List

Keep an ongoing gratitude list, so you can appreciate all the good you have in your life. This list will instantly remind you of all your blessings and provide a healthy mindset, giving you a feeling of greater joy and improving your well-being. 

Stretch Your Limbs

Create spaciousness in your body and relieve tension with 5 minutes of stretching. Tension is stored throughout the body, and particularly in your shoulders, neck, and back. A gentle stretch loosens tension by creating space and movement in the body. This is great for reducing stress and improving your physical health.  

Practice A Mini-Meditation

A short meditation can be as powerful as a longer meditative practice. During your mini-meditation, you could also chant a mantra or use a touchstone to help you stay focused and mindful. Meditation helps reset your thoughts, which can reduce stress and improve mental health. 

Play Your Favorite Song

Music is a great way to lift your mood and bring relaxation. Whether you choose to dance to the music or not, it can help you disconnect from stress and reconnect with the present moment. Listening to a favorite song is a great way to care for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Walk Around The Block

Take a walk around the block, in your garden, or to the mailbox and back. Moving your body, even just shaking out your legs for 5 minutes, is an act of physical self-care. When your blood flows better, your mood improves. This is also great for your mental and spiritual well-being.  

Refresh With Water

Drink a glass of water, splash cold water on your face, or rinse off in the shower. Water refreshes your senses and boosts your energy. This can keep you focused and motivated throughout your day. 

Routinely practice 5 minutes of self-care to improve and maintain your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Click here to claim your free gift: 7-Day Journaling Starter Kit. Get started with 5-minute self-care practices and enjoy a balanced life of success, without sacrificing your well-being.

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