The Art of Receiving: Spiritual Connection

Are you ready to receive all that the universe intends for you?

The study of quantum physics tells us that the planets, the stars, and everything else in the universe are connected as one unified field with a universal intelligence. In this field that connects us all, infinite realities exist, which allow for infinite possibilities. Since you are an interconnected part of the universe, and of all that is, you have the ability to access and receive the abundance of infinite possibilities. 

However, your ego’s desire for control can often override your connection with the universe and its abundance. It is especially common for a woman who thrives on and makes sacrifices for success to believe that there’s a separation between herself and the universe. When this occurs, you may feel that the only way to be successful at achieving your goals is to work hard… even to the point of burnout. When your ego prompts a scarcity mindset, it creates doubt about the existence of infinite possibilities and the opportunity for success without sacrifice.

However, if you were to maintain your connection with all that is and allow yourself to have faith that the universe will provide for you, success can be achieved with greater ease and flow. Staying spiritually connected can help you maintain this abundant mindset, so you are open to receive the highest and best that the universe has to offer. 

There are many practices that can enhance your ability to connect more deeply with your spirituality, such as: meditation, yoga, journaling, positive self-talk, and communing with nature. As you expand into a true knowing that you are one with the universe, you deepen your spiritual connection. 

When you make that spiritual connection and can trust that the universe is providing for you in the best and highest way, you’re able to receive its endless possibilities. Here are some steps for you to connect more deeply with your higher Self and receive more from life.

When you make that spiritual connection and can trust that the universe is providing for you in the best and highest way, you’re able to receive its endless possibilities. Click To Tweet

Step 1: Engage with your vision

Part 1. Create your vision 

Do you have a goal in mind? Or a dream you’ve been nurturing? Even though you’ve had great success in your life, you may still be striving toward an unfulfilled vision. To receive what you desire, you must first visualize it. For example, if your dream is to own a successful online business, instead of working your 9 to 5, hold onto that vision. Don’t let the fear of change or what others might say block you from receiving your goal. 

Write a list of all the wonderful possibilities that could come from your vision. Keep an open mind about how this vision might manifest, because it may occur differently than you imagine or the end result might not be quite what you expect. The important aspect here is realizing a vision that aligns with your values and that you have the intention to achieve. 

Part 2. Take action

Once you have a vision in mind, begin to move toward it, physically. It might be a small step such as creating a vision board or writing down your dreams to help you manifest and keep your vision alive. Or, perhaps a big leap such as hiring a website designer to help you start a website, investing in a product to sell, or moving on from your current position to make more time for your new venture. What matters is that you’re taking action to eventually receive what you want most in life. 

Step 2: Connect Spiritually

Part 1. Understanding

You can have a vision and take action to achieve it. However, do you know why you truly want this? If you see this vision as something that adds value to your life, acknowledge why. Using the online business you want to create as an example, you might consider the following: Are you looking for a more flexible work schedule to access greater self-care? Do you have a product to sell that could help others? Is there a message you want to share with the world? 

Understanding why you want to receive something will help you connect to it on a deeper, more spiritual level. Write down your thoughts or engage in a meaningful conversation to help you recognize the reasons why you want to receive this. Once you have a deeper awareness of your “why,” the universe can move forward on the “how.”.  

Part 2. Be ready to align 

Infinite possibilities exist in the universe and, as the study of quantum physics reveals, if you’re truly connecting as one with the universe, you’re open to receive possibilities that are in your highest and best good. So, when you have a vision, do the spiritual work to understand why you truly want it, and take action toward it, the universe aligns to connect you with your vision. So, be ready to receive whatever comes your way. And keep an open mind, because the universe may fulfill your vision in a different form than what you expect. 

As you deepen your spiritual connection, you’ll experience a greater sense of oneness with all there is, the universe aligns with your vision, and you open up to receive more fully. For more ways to help you connect spiritually, claim your free Discovery Guide: 5 Journal Prompts to Unfold Your Spiritual Self. 

This gift will allow for:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Increased positive transformation
  • Manifestation of visions and goals
  • Enhanced meaning and joy in life

Connect with all that the universe intends for you by connecting with your spiritual Self. 

Get More From Life: Focus On Receiving

Would you like more from life?

More love? 

More joy? 

More inspiration? 

More abundance? 

You can receive everything that you want in life. How does this work? 

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy, including you. This means that energy is constantly flowing to and through you. So, you have an innate and unlimited capacity to receive. 

However, it’s possible for life experiences or messages from your past to create a kink in your hose of energy flow. You might have learned not to get up your hopes and expect good things, because you’ve been let down previously. Or you were taught that you don’t deserve to receive something unless you have earned it or you need it as the result of an illness. Therefore, you can become limited in your potential to receive. 

But, you have the ability to unkink your hose and access all that the Universe has to offer. With practice, you can learn how to get out of your own way and receive like a pro. 

Here are 5 practices for expanding your power to receive:

Accept compliments

When someone offers you a compliment, make sure to respond with “Thank you.” Do not deflect the compliment by trivializing whatever was complimented. Also, there is no need to return a compliment at that moment.

Make gratitude a habit

Each time you get a gift or a compliment, focus on receiving it fully with the deepest appreciation. Then speak your sincere appreciation aloud to the giver, so they also feel your gratitude. 

Practice receiving

If you want to expand your ability to receive, you must practice. Start by focusing on being present in the moment and noticing what you receive each day. This could be a smile from a stranger or a compliment from a colleague. See if you are able to receive without giving back. 

Ask for what you want

My mother taught me that if I don’t ask, I won’t get. Most people won’t be able to read your mind and know what you want or need. Of course, that means it’s important for you to know what you want or need. 

Stretch beyond your comfort zone

The level at which you are able to receive can reveal any limitations you may have around deserving. Invite yourself to stay open to receiving good things. You are worthy of receiving all that you need and desire.

When you are able to open up and receive more, life becomes more fulfilling and enjoyable than you could imagine. The key to immersing yourself in the practice of receiving is to know that you are worthy of having it all. 

The key to immersing yourself in the practice of receiving is to know that you are worthy of having it all. Click To Tweet

This means having a healthy, loving relationship with your Self. Click here to claim your complimentary tip sheet: 10 Ways To Love Yourself. When you love yourself deeply, you can receive fully. 

This tip sheet will:

  • Help you identify areas where you can have more self-compassion
  • Encourage self-advocacy
  • Remind you of your self-worth
  • Support a shift in your mindset

So, start receiving more of life today.

Elevate Your Spiritual Journey: The Choice For Love & Compassion

“Love and Compassion are the true religions to me. But to develop this, we do not need to believe in any religion.” ~ The Dalai Lama 

Each day you are blessed with opportunities for choice. From the food you eat, to the way you move, to the thoughts you think, every second of the day presents you with another opportunity for choice. 

In the past, when faced with choice, my actions were driven by the desire to achieve. My choice to persevere, no matter what, overruled my health and relationship needs, and reflected my perfectionistic tendencies to the detriment of all else in my life. 

It took me too long to recognize that something was amiss and to choose to design a different methodology for my journey. You may be able to relate to my story, even finding yourself in a similar position, looking to discover your own spiritual path to your higher purpose.  

A spiritual journey can be uncomfortable— especially for a type-A personality. As you embark on this path, you may feel some loneliness if you don’t have a like-minded community to share your experiences with, or some anxiety about letting go of the security of a controlled hold over your life. 

However, during the ebbs and flows of this journey, there is a choice that can remain constant. This choice not only improves your wellbeing, it eases you toward your higher purpose. The choice is love and compassion.

Love and compassion are the most powerful forces on earth. Acts of care and consideration towards another being can be shown through even the smallest gestures, such as a smile or a helping hand. Love and compassion can heal, nurture, uplift, and transform a life. 

When you choose love and compassion, not only does it nourish the souls of others, it enhances your own spiritual well-being, boosting your fulfillment and connecting you with your divine Self. 

Your previous choices to achieve success may have come with sacrifice to your wellbeing and to relationships with those you love. The ongoing drive of an overachiever can generate a sense of dissatisfaction. Choosing love and compassion fulfills a need to be more altruistic and elevates your spiritual path. 

Choosing love and compassion fulfills a need to be more altruistic and elevates your spiritual path. Click To Tweet

Start with yourself


Nourish your body and soul with loving self-care. This could include pampering, time off, exercise, meditation, or positive self-talk to uplift you when you’re down. Anything that nurtures you is considered self-care and is an act of compassion toward yourself. 


Don’t be embarrassed to do something bold if that’s what you want to do. And don’t feel obligated to say yes to things you don’t want to do. Be honest about what you really want. Though it may seem loving to do favors for a friend, if it creates conflict with your authentic Self, you may cause harm to both your Self and your relationships. Do what feels most aligned for you. 


When you wake up each day, be grateful to have a new day to practice being in alignment with your authentic Self. Appreciation for each moment is the most loving and compassionate way to acknowledge your own being. 

Share with others


Share an ear of compassion and empathy. Hear what others have to say with patience and understanding. Don’t feel that you have to provide advice unless it’s requested. Sometimes the most loving thing you can offer someone is simply to listen and hear what they have to say at that moment. 


Share your knowledge with others. If you see someone struggling and you have the opportunity, take a moment to lovingly show them how it’s done. 


Acknowledge what others have to offer. They might not have the same qualities as you, which is what makes them unique. Appreciate them for being different. 

Every day you are blessed with opportunities of choice. Let love and compassion be the guides behind the choices you make. Through acts of love and compassion, your self-discovery can be enhanced and your spiritual journey can be elevated.

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The Choice Between Personal Growth or Status Quo: Which Will It Be?

When you are faced with a decision, there are two basic options: the choice for growth, which moves you forward, or the choice for comfort, which keeps you contained.

The comfortable choice gives you a sense of safety. It’s familiar. And, since you are already there, you know the end result. 

This brilliant quotation is commonly misattributed to Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” 

Regardless of who said it, the point of this statement is this: Until you choose to do something different, the end result will remain the same. You don’t grow in status quo.

The choice for growth activates your adrenaline. It’s unfamiliar.  Each time you choose to act in a way that moves you forward, the outcome tends to be unknown. 

So… which option do you choose?

Though the safety of the comfortable choice can be appealing, it can also leave you feeling stagnant. 

When you choose to do something different, you invite in new opportunities and enhance your personal growth. And, it can be uncomfortable.

Just the thought of change can cause a shift in your cortisol levels, potentially creating discomfort or fear about what may come next. This can hold you back from taking action, if you let it. However, moving through these emotions can actually benefit your growth. 

As you begin to identify these feelings of discomfort or fear as indicators of personal growth, you learn that this is a normal aspect of choosing to leave the status quo behind. You have the ability to shift from fearing uncertainty to being excited and empowered by the unknown.

Taking steps toward your higher vision leads you to new life experiences. Transforming fear into excitement allows you to lean into new levels of personal growth and guides you on your evolutionary journey to your higher purpose.  

5 ways to kick the status quo to the curb

  • Break routine

Is your daily routine set in stone? Challenge yourself to do things differently. Make a list detailing your average day and notice if you could ignite a spark by adding something new or replacing something that’s become tiresome. A slight shift in your routine might provide the foundation for a new endeavor. 

  • Learn a new skill 

Build your self-confidence and resilience. A new skill is not merely another asset, it can open you up to other avenues for expansion in your professional and personal life. Register for a class or try something new, even if you’re hesitant. Remember that there’s no downside to learning.  

  • Expand your world

Your world has mostly likely shrunk as a result of Covid-19. It was safer to stay home, so containment became the new normal. This made it challenging to grow in many ways. With the world opening up once again, make an effort to give an extra 20 minutes to your daily walk, take a weekend trip to someplace new, or invite your neighbor to lunch. New places, new people, and new choices are great ways to welcome a more expanded world. 

  • Embrace creativity

Choose to express yourself on other levels. A creative endeavor is not only fun, it usually involves venturing into the unknown. Whether it’s painting a wall red, joining a salsa class, or cooking a new dish, a creative pursuit can be great fun and also open up doors to new opportunities for personal growth.  

  • Be true to your Self

Be genuine in how you communicate; whether expressing your emotions by writing in your journal or having a difficult, yet sincere conversation with someone. Being true to your Self can be uncomfortable, yet it evokes growth within you and your relationships. 

Yes, making a choice for change may elicit feelings of discomfort or fear. At these times, invite your courage to guide you forward so you may accelerate your evolution.

Click here to claim your free ‘Evolve With Intention Guideand receive suggestions for how to choose personal growth and align with a higher version of yourself. 

This guide will help you

  • Invite clarity
  • Create intentions
  • Evolve your choices
  • Take aligned action 
  • Accelerate your growth

Leave the status quo in the dust. The choice for personal growth will lead you on the path to the highest version of your Self.

The Promise of Patience Part II: Your Journey to Peace of Mind

“Patience is the best remedy for every trouble.” ~ Plautus

Urgency might have been the force that led you to success in the past. The urgency of creating actions aimed to win might have been an advantage that helped you stand out in the world of business. 

A sense of urgency may have accelerated your earlier career, yet is it still serving you? 

You may not have realized that with urgency comes impatience. 

And impatience calls forth stress and frustration, which can lead to feelings of overwhelm, restlessness, and lack of motivation. Eventually, you may experience physical symptoms, such as high blood pressure, stomach upset, fatigue, and burnout. Overall, impatience can be detrimental to your well-being. 

On the other hand, patience can have beneficial effects. Patience provides a sense of calm and ease in times of adversity. As you practice patience, your experience of stress, anxiety and overwhelm begins shifting to that of happiness, joy, and relief. This can have a positive impact on your mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

So, you can navigate your actions with a sense of urgency or a sense of calm — impatience or patience. The cultivation of patience, through the ensuing practices, will aid you on your journey to peace of mind…  

Teach others

“If you want something done well, do it yourself” is a proverb that the Type-A woman can relate to. Yet, what if, when someone does a task incorrectly, you were to let go of frustration and take action to show them how it’s done? You would help someone develop a new skill and become more understanding by seeing things from their perspective. Not only could you gain patience by teaching others, you’d also free up your schedule by delegating with confidence that the job will be done properly. 


Don’t let your mind’s chatter eclipse the sounds of the present moment. At times you may feel a sense of urgency to take immediate action. The noise in your head is telling you to go, go, go, pushing you, so that you feel annoyed with the story your husband is telling or distracted from your child is sharing about their day. Listening to the dialog in your mind creates impatience, taking you away from being fully present and enjoying those you truly care about. Instead, tune in. Let the precious sounds of life fill your ears and your soul. You might even find your calm. 

Be flexible

Let go of your high expectations and perfectionism. They can only lead to frustration and annoyance. When you adjust your expectations, imperfection no longer holds you back from enjoying life’s journey. As you become more flexible and accepting, you may find outcomes that are even better than you expected.     

Push the pause button

You might think you need a positive outcome right now! Yet a great way to practice patience is to push the pause button on your desires. Take a walk before dessert, wait a day or two before purchasing the item you want, or practice a mindful exercise before jumping into your day. You may find gratification or peace of mind in the delay itself.   

Be grateful

There’s always something to be grateful for, especially at times when you feel frustrated and impatient. When you choose to be grateful, you invite calm and ease into your experience. Minor irritations and inconveniences caused by impatience no longer matter. Speak a positive mantra when you feel impatient, such as, “this moment will pass” or “all is well”, and see how quickly impatient thoughts disappear.

For more tips on developing your patience, claim my free gift 5 Tips to Increase Your Patience. This Tip Sheet will show you ways to:

  • Pause and enjoy the moment
  • Embrace your achievements
  • Anticipate the unexpected
  • Lighten up

Healthy wellbeing begins with patience, which guides your journey to peace of mind. And peace of mind allows you to feel more joy and ease.

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